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  1. Think you've got the look and the style? Then this is for YOU! We are currently on the search for people who think they got the stuff to become models for Aphrodite & <HEART HOMES> Shop. So if you think you've got looks to show off and a body to present then give it a try! Before applying, here's a list of the following requirements we need for a model: #1 Your avatar must be made out of MESH. Otherwise, if you think your looks can qualify on the same par with a mesh avatar using your non mesh, then feel free to apply. #2. Everything else must be made out of MESH. I'm not just talk
  2. Just bumping. Trying to find people whom i can talk to more specifically around midnight SLT going down. Just IM me, akazumi2012
  3. Hello to the sales agents, Me and my girlfriend are looking for land with permissions included. You know, those usual stuff where we can change the name, music, set an event, set up all of the options in the about land menu. Optional for full permissions. What we want: • Can be used both on land and sky • Can be for commercial and residential on both land and sky (if there are some slight adjustments, let me know) • For the price, the prims comes as close as the amount of linden you are purchasing (really important) • Land size proposed must be standard size like most offers on estates for
  4. Aha. Would you like to be my friend? :matte-motes-delicious:
  5.  We're starting on an adult sim lounge and we are looking for the following: [Security] Boot those nasty buns back to their galaxy far far away~ Keep a vigilant eye to the people on the place for any drama or concerns. Keep in tabs with the community, chat and provide information to the staff. [DJ's] Get the music pumping and the crowd wild! Play music based on your music genre playlist Accept music request Help keep the crowd pumpin' and give them a blast Voice is preferable but you can still apply without. [Hosts] Hosts events, just basically keep the vibe alive! Frequent advertisem
  6. We're having our grand opening and we're looking for members! Have the opportunity to be the first pioneers on the job. All beginners are welcome. We are looking for the following: Event Planners Must advertise around the inworld, forums, list events. Do and suggest every possible way to build more fun & traffic to the place. Send notices on the groups Hosts Pick a certain schedule, and host, entertain the members of the group, have fun and talk! Frequent advertisements will be notified to members in public. Hosts events, just basically keep the vibe alive! Voice is a must, if you cannot
  7.  Check out the newest baddest sex voice lounge in Second Life! Join our grand opening as we set the group cost for FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME! Come talk dirty with us in this adult voice sex lounge! This is a pervy hangout for adults of any kind who like to talk dirty, flirt publicly and be sexy. Find all the like-minded, kinky, and good looking people you've been searching for! Voice is preferable, Nudity allowed, no tricks involved. We are also looking for freelance strippers. Get 70% of the tips. Be yourself and strip away on an exclusive voice sex lounge! Tags: 18+, Voice, Sex, D/s, Sexual
  8. Heya you, Uh.. how do I start lol. As like what the subject says title says, I'm actually looking for a friend/s. I've been on SL for a long time already but I always don't know which place to stand by and call my "home" or a place to hang around and make friends. Having a family (or a good non sexual vampire clan lol) might be nice too. But anyway, if you're looking for a friend too here's a list about me: I'm a Male and straight ♂ I'm an adult, 23 (turning 24 in a few days) I'm happily taken I love anime, asian music (kpop, kballad, kindie, jpop, cpop, tpop, traditional chinese
  9. Come all along to Vigorous Vista Complex / Apartment and rent now as a peaceful place awaits you, where minimal amount of Linden can only be used weekly, and with furnitures readily installed, we provide you a few extra more prims to have for! With only L$125 a week, experience a quiet and peaceful living along the shores of Indigo Sky. We currently have an apartment ready to use for 9 residents only. Sounds like something you need? Well check us out and see further. Benefits: ► Low lag SIM, low population ► Peaceful place close to the ocean ► Great service ► And many more that is yet to come!
  10. Hi there, if your looking for something small, you can try checking out mine. :matte-motes-bashful-cute-2: http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Parcels-for-Rent-Estate/Rent-a-room-for-L-125-on-Vigorous-Vista-Complex-Apartment/td-p/1877855 Goodluck in finding one.
  11. Need a quite place to be at yourself? A place where a minimal amount of Linden can only be used weekly? Come all along to Vigorous Vista Coporation. We are a new rental agency slowly starting off with simple things. Our determination gives us confidence in pushing through our dreams. With only L$125 a week, experience a quiet and peaceful living along the shores of Indigo Sky. We currently have an apartment ready to use for 9 residents only, allowing you some extra furniture to start with. We also provide additional 10 prims once you rent. Sounds interesting? Well check us out and see further.
  12. Hello there fellow Second Lifers, I'd just like to expose our new photography studio we just opened. My friend, my couple & myself have been working on this through our hardest efforts. Despite the fact that we have just been here through 1 month (with my couple), we have done with what we can in terms of building our own place and etc. and hope this would help us give a boost and interest to those who are in need. But anywho; Looking for a picture that could capture the imagination your looking for? Do you think your ava looks perfect and beautiful / handsome as how it is but nee
  13. PS. We are the ones offering services to everyone, not the other way around. To make it short, we're looking for clients.
  14. The Subject says it all, just IM Akazumi2012, shortyesca or jolene.piers if your looking for work to be done, cheapest price at $350 only.
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