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  1. alright, I logged in, but the terms of service message popped up, and it's not letting me click, "I agree." D:
  2. okay, so I downloaded and it worked! Do i just use the account i use to log into the site?
  3. My laptop isn't that old, though! It's about 2/3 years, I think. But sure, I'll give it a try!
  4. I posted a thread earlier about how SL Viewer wouldn't load. I unistalled and installed SL Viewer over and over, and it's the same problem EVERY time. It'll load SL saying, "loading Second life" then it says, "app crashed, moving to server 1..." I looked through the forums, and so far i haven't seen a forum thread with this problem. I AM A NOOB. I just heard about sl yesterday, and tried to download it. Here's what I have: Windows VistaATI Radeon X1270ATI Radeon x1200 SeriesI think my graphics/chip are out of date, but i also think that if something was wrong with them an error message would've popped up. So I'm unsure. Any help? Really wanna play SL, ha. :c
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