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  1. If the dog is no-copy, and it was set to "sell original" rather than "sell copy" it may still be sitting in the shop waiting for you to "Take" it.
  2. Tiny feet are to fit prim shoes. Wide hips are a disturbing new trend that's hitting RL too; Thigh Gap.
  3. This sounds like a very poorly rephrased version of the Firestom compulsory update a month or so back, when one of their versions had some debug code left in it. Sounds like someone is exploiting the idea to spread panic. It reminds me of those scammers who phone you up pretending to be from Microsoft, telling you that they've detected that your computer is transmitting viruses over the internet. One simple rule: Don't log in except on SL's own website - check the address bar at the top of the browser. Only secondlife.com is valid. Oh and keep your anti-virus and anti-malware software up t
  4. Perrie Juran wrote: So my take on the phone messages from the bank is that they really did come from the bank. It is an automated system when they exceeded the amount. Despite what your friend may be claiming. I bank with Barclays in the UK and this is a legitimate series of texts from the bank. Even if you do not sign up for telephone banking they keep your mobile number on file and if there are any suspicious activities on your debit card they send you this series of texts. I've received them myself (not in relation to Second Life). It's also not necessarily the amount of the
  5. Wasabi Pills? https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Wasabi-Pills-Sebastianne-MESH-Hair-DEMO/2747509 https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Wasabi-Pills-Lily-MESH-Hair-DEMO/4690606 They have a few like that.
  6. Do you pay for sex in SL? No If not, would you? No What, if anything, would change your mind? A sudden miraculous disappearance of people willing to do it for free How much would you pay for sex in SL? L$0 Would you ever pay a more premium rate for intelligent or witty girls who see you as a person, and are more interested in building a small but stable clientele? No. If they're doing it for money they're not seeing me as a person, but as a commodity. When paying, do you prefer it with someone you don’t know, or someone that you have built a ‘relationship’ with (in other words, someone w
  7. I genderbend a lot (my most usual group tag reads "Gender Hacker"), I play avatars of just about every gender there is. So I'm gonna answer them all. Why do you think that people want to play as their opposite gender on an online game? Tons of reasons: The clothes are better They like to experiment They like to look at an avatar they're attracted to. They don't want to be flirted with They don't want to be thought of as inferior They want to attract a romantic partner of a specific gender & orientation Deceit Roleplaying a character for a particular story/setting They would li
  8. Sim lag, there's nothing you can do except move to a less laggy place. And no, Linden Lab won't fix it, but usually a sim re-start helps and those happen on a fairly regular basis (weekly on mainland, and as required on Estate).
  9. Default skins have the underwear painted on. You just need to get a new skin that doesn't.
  10. The only way to change your username is to make a new account (alt) with the username you want (assuming it's available). You can hide the username from your own view (in preferences, general tab) but you can't control what other people see. If you haven't yet spent a lot of money on customising your avatar, making a new alt might be your best bet.
  11. I was going to suggest the AO too. Nine times ou tof ten a bad shape isn't the fault of the shape at all, it's bad posture
  12. *waves from another t-gurl* I hang out a lot at Hard Rock Evolutions (the music isn't all THAT hard most of the time) and its a very friendly crowd. Tell them Bailey sent ya
  13. All you did was delete it from the list of saved names for logging in. Just type your name in again (and check the "remember me" box).
  14. By saying "[completely] females" do you mean that both avatar and operator are female? If so my thoughts probably don't count as I'm male in RL and I can't really comment about what RL women find attractive. My avatar is basically a shemale but while she is generally femme, I like to mess with gender characteristics and physical configurations. So sometimes she has a female shape with male genitalia, female genitalia or both. And sometimes a male shape (a femme-looking one) with male genitalia or both. For herm "bits" I purchased these from Janzoe the only catch is they are no-mod and hav
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