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  1. SL was in maintenance. Second life estava em manutenção http://status.secondlifegrid.net/2012/04/26/post1628/
  2. I never had problems, but iam not a compulsive buyer, probably buy 1 or 2 things week. Its also good check if there is no inworld problems when you buy stuff at least expensive stuff.
  3. I've been checking some sims on the Mainland continent for Adult content (Zindra) and i never saw a sale parcel "abandon" always belong to someone (user). Also saw many sims belonging to Governator Linden, but not on sale!
  4. it also say "...after 45 days..."
  5. I know Triple thank you for your concern. I am scaning daily for some nice cheap 512.
  6. Oh, now that iam interested people are grabing them all ! Will wait and see, mean while @ my linden home. Thank you for the quick reply.
  7. Since yesterday there are nothing in auction list, at least to me, try ingame and here list is empty, is this normal or its my problem? Thank you.
  8. Em Portugal existe o mb net é um cartão de credito temporario feito apartir do cartão normal, funciona bem.
  9. My house is in a group ou 3 with only 1 floor and i see other houses isolated with 2 floors, how can i have it? Already try the house texture and choose a 2 floor one but my house stays with 1 floor just diferent texture. Ty for the info.
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