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  1. The land I was renting had some kind of lag problem > my house was returned to my Folder & my computer (a new I7 with a fast Asus Graphics card ) crashed> bad enough but the house was unlinked because I was working on it & some parts were returned in many pieces . many of them unlabeled > this destroyed a months artwork for me > I removed the remainder & demanded my rent money back > I had already paid ahead 3 weeks ahead expecting to stay there indefinitely > I did not abandon the land > I only complained > but when I complained I was suddenly banned from the region for being rude * not accepting no for an answer > no doubt I was upset & never kissed butt > I am still angry > I am upset because I am still paying rent on land I am banned from using because I complained about my art work being destroyed > what kind of way is this to do business > am I just supposed to take it laying down?  I have not done anything against this land owner except complain & tell him I would continue to complain > I have not publicized his name or demeaned his business > but what recouse do I have? He is profiting off my misfortune


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