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  1. i made the case against the person who hacked one of my av a/c also i have sent that person email id which i have got that in my email after that lab have sent me the case number To comment on this case, either Reply to this email, or visit: https://secondlife.com/my/support/?caseID=01819025 when i click on it , does not show me anything and i dont know what to do then
  2. my case number keep showing me Failed to load case may i know the reason pls can any one help me ?
  3. i have use firestorm and were my voice working but suddenly it went away since many days i dont have voice so pls help me if any one know about it ...would be kind ty
  4. call up them i did the same !
  5. thank you done already yes !
  6. that hacker 1st changed my email to hes it is hes email id though has been changed to miracolo12345@mailnesia.com 6 April 2012 5:42 PM This email acknowledges that your Second Life password has been changed. If you believe this is in error, please contact us through the support portal at https://secondlife.com/support. Please do not reply to this email directly. this is what i have got when i was trying to logged my av -so anyway any one could have what ever it was happen to me by this email so here i am sending this hacker mail id miracolo12345@mailnesia.com
  7. hi @charo i mean to say that when our server of the net become slow we could not able to see our moveis on that own sim at sl it was happen to me befor !!
  8. my sl account is hacked too so i think when we people made the complain to LL they should ban that hacker person IP forever and take action as soon as they can be am still awaiting for the help how easily some one can hack secondlife account its rly shame after we expend good money on one av !!!
  9. thank you val... but i think i am too late for this what ever you tell me to do my sl av have been hacked already by some one phishing or hackers hope for the best LL will help me to get bak with my bussines ?
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