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  1. I"m trying to increase my Process Credit limits above $4000USD/month. The support team got back to me today and - aside from a bunch of pointless questions about where I get my L$ from and what I do with it - they want to know what geographical location my account was originally created in? I gave it my best guess, but apparently it doesn't match the (scarily detailed) information they have on file. So they won't talk to me. My account is over a decade old! I've moved five times in the past ten years. I don't *****ing remember what city I was in when I started the account. Th
  2. I use Modo regularly, and have since 301. I've never been able to get a rig out of Modo and into SL, but Ariel's take on it seems plausible. Lots of great information there, though I don't think I have the expertise myself to confirm it directly.
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