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    Cat avatar?

    I have a zooby cat avatar thats mesh an i real like it an has all the things you are looking for.
  2. if your still needing peolpe for this please feel free to message me i maybe able to help.
  3. if your still looking i can never have too many clothes an have a passion for shopping since i tossed out about 100 outifts that were prim recently.
  4. i am looking for a 512m Linden Lab double prim lot. I am also selliing a 1024m Moderate Waterway Liden labs protected water lot with ocean and sunset views unblockable. Sim Location I am open to offers ether reply here or send me a notecard in world.
  5. Thank you for the quick response i will when i wake tommrow i should say today lol
  6. That music video is considered techno or grunge or underground an there are plenty of places if you search.
  7. Search for SL clothing template would be the first step.
  8. Stupid question what type of music does the club play normal?
  9. FYI most wealthy women are not looking there hidding since there being harresed to much.
  10. You will find much better items through SL hunts an MM boards then visiting freebie places. Would suggest joining a MM group or a lucky chair group.
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