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  1. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Vacuul/46/177/24
  2. *laughing* I wish guys I meet on here would be dobermann's. Strongwilled, fiercely protective, but able to roll over for the right girl now and then while feeling comfort in their masculine nature. All I meet are one-track minded cats or submissive, boring golden retrievers.. Most guys don't even fill in their profile. Makes you consider a dobermann in a sweater imo .
  3. Utherverse, or RLC as some call it is some what similar. More fantasy based and less beautiful on all accounts, butit has a very life and open community.
  4. Does that mean that they will view you that way as well? So when I am wearing 2 or more aplha's they only see one and feet will be sticking through the shoes?
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