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  1. Hi some people make there Alts and use the same Email address, so that's one way and if you used the same sims that your main avatar used, then the way you write would give you away and the things you talk about or you can just slip up and not know that you did. the connections Im using now is not secured and even as I write the window is changing and I have to wait until they are finish looking at what Im doing before I can go back to this window and finish what Im writing. so there the 3 way enjoy SL use the fire wall and if you are using a Alt do not use the sims that your main avat
  2. hi I was told that voice is a way that people can find out your IP address and your loccation. so that is why I personly do not use voice now. you see I was griffed from day one. so becareful who you upset, lots of people have use SL for a long time and know the little ways to grife people with out being ban and staying with in the rules enjoy Sl, but becareful. byee
  3. hi this is not as uncomman as it sound. and not only SL has this I have play games and this has, happen in other games. X2, tr4 Editor the level maker, sea dogs,and other. im told its the CPU in some cases, its just to fast. but driver up dated appear to help. maybe you need to ask in the games forums, you find you not the only one. hope you get it sorted, the tr4 level editor use a software that slow down the CPU. and that work, for that game. good luck byee
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