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  1. I have the same problem, I can not even associate the demo. How do to solve ?
  2. Was made to me a bad review on the marketplace on an outfit, but it is not true, I wrote to her who had made it, to try to help her. He sent me a friend of hers, who had bought the same dress, to show me how he dressed. Not recommended on the shoes, which instead went very well, she admitted that dressed well, the dress put the smaller size because that would suit you. I wore the outfit and admitted that he was fine. For a quiet life I returned the linden her and her friend, and despite my kindness and helpfulness began to insult for no reason. I do not want a review that does not matter, what can I do? Sorry for my bad English
  3. Locked Items for no apparent reason I was stuck on the marketplace of compete Women, created with template bought from "Meli Imako" I want to know why and how do I unlock them thanks! (they are simple woman outfit) Thanks!
  4. Flag New items Every time I post a new product on the marketplace is flagged to me, they always do with freshly made. Once reinserted the item no longer happens. I assume that someone does it on purpose and only with the new. I checked and everything is in order, what can I do to protect themselves from these flags made out of malice?
  5. I can not send the goods in the marketplace by the viewer, for Direct Delivery launches, I've tried hundreds of times but it does not work, what can I do? I use the Second Life viewer, it gives me no errors, just not send.
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