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  1. Thats why im still on my old Firestormviewer When they force me to upgrade ill test it again and see if they manage for a normal Daylight, sunset and midnight colour reproduce as we have seen in windlight. These are the only 3 settings i will use I know firestorm tells that hey are forced to upgrade but not every third party viewer will do this immediately
  2. Our luck is that Firestorm updates are not the fastest. We are safe for almost 1,5 year with the best graphics ever. Here you will find Firestorm 6.3.9 , this is the best version with Windlight.
  3. Just go 1 version back. A lot of us do and enjoy SL as it supposed to be. We can enjoy 1-1,5 years windlight this way 🙂 Hopefully there will be a hack before we are forced to use EEP
  4. To be honest i only use 3 windlights, daylight, sunset and midnight. Never care about the rest, i believe that there will be people who love to find the most ideal settings. So when i downloaded the last version of Firestorm and just see the poor job of the 3 settings i use i had to go back to an older version. Maybe in the future someone make the ideal EEP setting of those 3 windlights. but for now its for me a crappy job they have done.
  5. If you go one version back (Firestorm 6.3) everything looks great again 🙂 Is there a work around to kill EEP?
  6. Only this forum works...SL Grid status everything okay...strange
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