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  1. a remodel a bit ---- Adams turned into a 2 bed 1 Bath I have a garden and a few things in the backyard as well... After everything was set out and done i have about 50 free prims left from the allotment, I am pretty proud of myself on this one and I love my New home
  2. thank you so much!! I was able to save some prims for unboxing and small building as well so its a nice little place to call home- outside is also decorated
  3. thank you! its been a lot of fun decorating and figuring out what to do with my new home i love it ❤️
  4. The Kitchen is a set oven and tiny fridge are included with the cabinets, its made by Dutchie called the corner kitchen its nicely animated for some rp and things as well
  5. just a few shots of my home... I LOVE how it turned out!!
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