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  1. Flooding LL with constant tickets of incorrect listings, seems a rather poor need. Linden Lab has been aware of the issue for at least 2 weeks now, and they are still not taking the correct steps to fix it properly. I am not understanding why they do not shut it down and fix properly, and why they do not issue statements about the issue.
  2. I logged in hoping to see it fixed...instead there was silly advice from LL and things in my store are still messed up...it changes which are messed up. Why is LL not doing what they need to do and shut down marketplace and fix it. Too much damage is being caused and keeping it live will not make fixing easy, I am certain. Nor has LL given us the 'cause' that they are aware of. I hope they will be extending the date to move to DD, as I will not be doing anything with marketplace until it is fixed and stable for at least a week.
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