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  1. So, Daniel I would like to know where to find the place to join as greeter this year, I´ve been greeting at SL Birthdays. Any idea?
  2. I agree with the new upgrades for the future will be a great experience, and my question is, what will be the compatibilities between Second Life and Sansar?
  3. Lil bit late but great photography :catvery-happy:
  4. That is amazing a dream catcher
  5. That is really beautiful in fact makes you daydream and sailing peacefully.:catvery-happy:
  6. Pues, has tratado hacer ctrl+alt+r para lo de la cuestion de la nube, pero si ves a tu avatar con la cara y el cuerpo gris solo cambia por otro tono de piel, espero te funcione: Buena suerte :cathappy:
  7. How long many time does SL can wait me to change of credit card to pay my account and how can I keep my premium account in the meantime when, my bank will give me an answer within a week. I have founds but I have submitted an issue at the first credit card I used for the payment. :catsad:
  8. Very Original pic, ok love it congratulations :catwink:
  9. Beautiful photography, beautiful eyes seems very natural congratulations :catvery-happy:
  10. Well, I will upgrade my account for a year and also will pay a family member accout with the same credit card, is there any problem if I make this? I want to make both Premium for a year.
  11. Nice hairdo and what a cute dress
  12. Very beautiful, by the way I love the hair color :catwink:
  13. Beautiful eyes and the photography is just great, congratulations:catvery-happy:
  14. Beautiful pic, lovely and inspired the most perfect Love
  15. Great pic and clothes congratulations
  16. Great pic, nature made from the sky
  17. Just so beautiful that I have no more words to express, JUST AMAZING ... Congratulations :cathappy:
  18. Omg the hair and the boots are great congratulations
  19. Thanks for helping me with this article that will be very useful to take my pictures :catsurprised:
  20. Very Beautiful dress and shoes, do you have a boutique? anyway the pic is nice. :cathappy:
  21. What a beautiful dress, congratulations
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