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  1. Here's a crazy idea. What if it were possible to import NOAA weather data to an avatar's location? If you have rain in the default world, it would be raining in the sim you were visiting.
  2. I understand your frustration. I was hunting for new_archetype.xml forever on my machine. I had to go to the developer menu and create it. On to the next step for me, finally!
  3. I'm just jumping in here randomly. To get some idea of what Tilia has to deal with, and consequentially, all Second Life residents that withdraw their L$, you need to at least look this document over: Application of FinCEN’s Regulations to Certain Business Models Involving Convertible Virtual Currencies
  4. I was able to get in one more time. At least for my own benefit to make peace with the sim and say goodbye, should the ball keep rolling to deletion. Sad to say that it's mostly out of our hands now.
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