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  1. I did this with one particularly active subscriber owner today. I was called an "idiotic moron" for not wanting to hear of his great deals and told to follow the instructions in his notecard (which I had declined). When I repeated that I wish to be removed and would AR if necessary I was met with a string of foul mouthed abuse which did indeed lead to an AR. But must I really go through this again and again for an ever increasing number of these subscribers?
  2. I shouldn't need to be wasting my time teleporting to and clicking unsubscribe on a subscriber that I never subscribed to to begin with. I know that some creators add you when you buy their products which (in my opinion) should be discouraged but some of these I have never bought from and because of their irritating spam, probably never will. Subscriber owners may see it as simply spam but personally I see it as harassment and a breach of privacy. After all, if I choose not to receive group chats and conferences I can turn it off or even leave the group. I am in control. But subscribers... ugh.
  3. Does anyone know of an item or any other way of stopping subscriber spam? Blocking the actual subscriber seems to have no effect and blocking its owner seems to have limited success in stopping their harassment. They often include a message saying send a notecard if you wish to be removed. But... 1. Why should I have to go to that trouble when I didn't ask to be on their subscriber. 2. I have better things to spend my time on than writing and sending notecards to an ever increasing number of subscriber owners. 3. I very much doubt that the subscriber owners log into the subscriber website every day in order to remove names. One subscriber owner was even foul mouthed rude to me when I asked him to stop. Something must be done about this form of harassment.
  4. This has been happening to me too. I am experienced in SL (approx 7 yrs) and have never had this happen before. My drivers are all up to date and my system has not been changed in any way for the last 2 years. Network also Works tops. The problem began after updating to Viewer 3. Since then, I have tried Viewer 2 (which was working fine before), Pheonix, Firestorm and even a 1.x (actually the most stable!). The problem is also not only with edit. IM's will also have me looking at my desktop. When this happens, it is usually IM's from the same people that causes it. Viewer incompatability? Personally, I feel the problem lies much deeper, possibly server side, although why it should only affect some and not others is anybody's guess. We've seen it all before, was it 1.18? Great for some, a disaster for others. Next update was all change, fixed for some and suddenly broken for others.
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