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  1. The only way to find out what runs best in your system and what viewer you like the best is to try different viewers. When doing so (having many viewers installed) take care that each viewer has its own cache location. Then the viewers will happily co-exist in your computer and will not mess things up. Can you explain this please and also how to change locations. This is what my viewers locations, are they in a different location? C:\Users\owner\AppData\Local\SecondLife C:\Users\owner\AppData\Local\Firestorm Thanks in advance for your answers!
  2. Dumb question here but where are these private sandboxes? I am a premium member and I dislike the public sandboxes!
  3. As I mentioned in my orignal post, its when I create an outfit. I make clothing and sell it in game, so when I box the items I only want to sell what I made, and I don't want to include everything else (shoes, hair, face light etc). When I use to use the phoenix viewer, I just use to click the "make outfit" in the appearance mode, click my items and it would create the folder. I figured it could be done in Viewer 3 but so far I haven't found the solution.
  4. It just seems like so much to do for such a simple task, but thanks for the suggestions!
  5. Lets say I just created an outfit that consist of a top, pants, and a prim skirt. Now I just want to name and save just these only, but when I tried to save it, it saves everything from hair to ao hud. Help please.
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