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  1. Since it is a known fact that mesh objects cannot cross from a region that runs on a pathfinding enabled server to another region that runs on a non-pathfinding server (and actually, recently I'm having problems vice-versa which may be a bug), I was wondering when pathfinding will be turned on/added to the other 2 RC servers. After all, pathfinding is now on the main channel and magneum RC server. Adding pathfinding on all servers, I believe, would eliminate the mesh region-crossing problem. (update: After reading the archives on server user group discussion that was earlier today I found the
  2. I keep getting the error message media_plugin_quicktime has failed whenever I try to use a tv that tries to play a quicktime file. I've uninstalled and reinstalled quicktime and then rebooted my computer andcleared the cache of catznip, which is the viewer I use, but I still get that error message. How do I fix this and what's going on?
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