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  1. hiya. I'm the owner of club Kali and local motion. We are looking for outgoing DJs hosts and managers. hit me up in world if you would like more information or to apply.
  2. Hiya. I am the owner of Club Kali & Local Motion. I am looking to DJs Hosts and Dancers. IM me inworld if you are possibly interested. Thanks!!
  3. We are the club that knows how to party! Playing all genres of musics with contests and themed days, sploder, greedy and cards for humanity, lovely scenery with useable water, so jump on a jet ski and check it out We are hiring! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Kalifornya/126/27/22
  4. Hiya, I am the GM of Kapitol Records Club. We are looking for sponsors and sponsored events. I would be interested in talking with you about how we may benefit one another. Our opening day is 3/27 which is extremely close and probably won't suit your needs but nenevertheless I'm sure we can figure something out
  5. Let's Do This! Come on over to Kapitol Records as we Celebrate our Grand Opening Friday March 27@4pm slt. We will be having random prizes as well as Springtime Event where the winner has a chance at 500L. So grab a friend and bring them along as DJ Nawty spins the tunes that make your booty bounce. We also have a lounge area and a gaming area all set on a mainland SIM with useable water and a jet ski rezzor. Or bring your boat at park it in the dock. Hope to see you there!
  6. Are you the type of of person that knows how to have good time and can spread that energy. Then Kapitol Records & WYOU Radio wants you! We are looking for Dis. Hosts. Dancers and Security. DJ's here is your chance to be heard in the real world,that's right WYOU Is our radio station and your set will be played live on the air. All employees receive 100% tips. Sound good? Contact xxdesirexx Resident (Nawty) GM Kapitol Records if interested or come on by the club.
  7. I used to own a club made it to the top five in SL.I have closed the club and looking for a new adventure if you have a sim or us club ypu don't have time but want to keep the revenue, hit me up in world. I would love to talk o you about it. :)
  8. Does anyone know what app I should download for the windows 7 phone. I.m going nuts reading the names
  9. Interested in this position, have a prim baby frOm huggable babies that cost 9k and if u look at my profile I have a lot of experience. Thank tou
  10. Interested hit me up if still looking
  11. Hiyas, in a freelance dj looking for gigs hit me up if ya interested
  12. Hiyas - it's based on exp. however, the min is 200l an hour.
  13. I am photographer and I have been asked to create a magazine. Looking for me men and women to pose for about an hour, also will be put on a call log for future assignments. No exp necessary. Any bodytpe and must be willing to pose with others and some nudity. If interested send me a notecard including piña facial shot and a full body shot.
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