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  1. I know this thread is old, but it's the first thread i found when googling, so it might help others in the future... Also had this issue, where it would open FS although i had just recently installed Black Dragon. To fix it i had to run regedit, go to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Classes\secondlife\shell\open\command and edit the path to the viewer it has to use. It works without restart and is applied on the spot. You can also check if there is a key present under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Classes\secondlife\shell\open\command and edit that but that wasn't the case for me. Normally going to the Windows Settings and choosing a default app per protocol should do the job but yeah...
  2. 1. this thread was posted in the wrong forum 2. doesn't change the fact you derail it 3. i bought the head anyways because i found it 4. your point ??? just creating steam it seams lol
  3. Could you please stop derailing the thread? .... Or someone who is able to close it might close it. Thanks!
  4. Found someone inworld who helped me. Mesh head is Mizu from "The Surgar Garden".
  5. Hey, searching for the mesh head in the pictures below ... if anyone got a clue i'll be thankful for it Found these on redMints mainstore... and uh, not much more info on them. Didn't found anything like it in MP. 
  6. Hey, searching for the mesh head in the pictures below ... if anyone got a clue i'll be thankful for it :D Found these on redMints mainstore... and uh, not much more info on them. Didn't found anything like it in MP. Edit: Wrong forum, continues here: https://community.secondlife.com/t5/Wanted/Searching-for-asian-korean-looking-mesh-head/td-p/30303
  7. Hey, just a question for clarification if it's a reason to report someone. So i'm in various groups, and sometimes i get a TP by what appears to be a bot. These bots are sometimes in the same groups as i am, so i guess they just get the groups member list and TP one member at the time. I could also see the bot stop-motion-wandering in circles, supposedly TPing people which each stop. Is it allowed that these bots use groups to just TP people to their location (club/escord service/etc)? Thanks in advance for clearing this one up.
  8. I'm not really having a firewall to configure. Using the built in firewall of the router and on Windows the Windows Defender is active. Apparently Windows Defender is deactivated because of Avast running. So there is just the Windows Firewall. It's not that i don't know what's going on - more like the opposite: My bandwidth is getting maxed out and everything else dies because of it. Skype looses connection when i TP to a sim in SL. I could just run a download and have the same effect really but 95% of downloads work just fine. It's just that SL uses my bandwidth extremely.
  9. I don't know how to describe it really. Lately (since about a month) when i TP to a normal sim SL loads said sim and everything is good. Only that i can't move for like 2-10 seconds. When i move and something has to be loaded, lets say pictures in a shop, i can only move max. 5 meters - then i'm stuck in the walking animation and have to wait another 2-10 seconds. Rince and repeat and my nerves burnt through. Can't even explore a simple shop anymore because i'm stuck every 5 meters. When i check on the Fritzbox i see network usage that is fully using my available bandwidth (5.8 Mbit down, 1.0 Mbit up). I'm connected to it via cable. Using Windows 10. Also when i was still running Windows 8.1 i already had these issues. It started about a month ago. SL bandwidth is set to 1500, but i also tried 1000, 500 and 300 - doesn't make a difference. Tried already Firestorm & Alchemy Viewers. Also because someone IM'd me i've cleared cache and it also didn't help really. Does anyone else have this aswell? Is there a solution? It feels like QoS or something might be broken and i don't think SL is to blame. I'm kinda desperate for help.
  10. I'm quite sure i've heard SL Voice from my rear speakers when someone talked behind me. Using a Creative X-Fi Surround 5.1 & Sound Blaster Z (yes 2 soundcards + onboard) with a Logitech Z906. Maybe its your speakers? I know mine does have various different settings where the audio is mixed up by the Z906. Basically some settings for completely loosing surround sound and 2 for having true surround sound while one is mixed and the other is direct (i'm not into the topic of sound mechanics, i might talk crap here) Well guess it would help if you would describe your setup. Edit: i guess i see what you mean ... normal sounds always come out of the front speakers...
  11. There is no BEST viewer. You use what you like and basically Firestorm should cover everyones needs.
  12. On a sidenote... it's not really the wrong theme selected but Aero running. That's the 3D mode of the desktop in Vista and Win 7. With selecting an alternative theme you probably disabled Aero aswell which fixed the white login screen. What you also could do would be: - Rightclick your shortcut or executable to SL - Properties - Compatibility - check "Disable Visual Designs"
  13. Slight update: With 12.11 BETA 11 the white login screen is fixed (atleast for me) Another update: With 13.2 BETA 5 it seems that my white spot thingy with Atmo Shadows are now fixed aswell
  14. Sure thing, go to Misty Mountains and say this again ... Also did you heard of MSI Afterburner? It is capable of showing the memory usage of your graphics card. You should toy around with it. Oh right, you're on linux. Where OpenGL is the standard (and thus maybe better supported) and you probably don't have a tool to read out the memory usage. This might help: http://www.matrix44.net/blog/?p=876 Anyways the 680 is sold and i've advised to buy Nvidia. I honestly don't get your offtopiciness. P.S. Video memory usage is not capped in all viewers: http://i.imgur.com/GJdUU.jpg Where are you referring to is Texture Memory Buffer... exactly: TEXTUREs. Guess what, a 3D world is not only textures, you also need geometry, shadowing and lightning and probably some other stuff. That's also inside the GPU memory. By the time of posting it's well over 2 Gig for 3 viewers. I'm quite surprised it's "only" 2 Gig as 1 viewer normally draws 1.2 Gig. But that's probably a 32 bit limitation of the Firestorm viewer. P.S.S. If you would be so kind and please send me a proof of your 4 viewers @ 60 fps via personal message. Thanks. I might go Linux if this joke turns out to be true. Enough of the Offtopiciness. As i said: Go NVIDIA. No problems there.
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