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  1. Through the years, one evolves and changes...Especially in virtual worlds. 2011 (roughly) to now, January 1, 2020.
  2. Hello all, I'm a seasoned roleplayer looking for active roleplay communities since all the ones I know and love are either long gone, knocking on deaths door, or simply having lost their luster. I'm fine with cyperpunk, modern, military, apocalyptic, and fantasy communities, preferably ones without a complex HUD system involving RP items to stuff into my inventory, but I'm fine with stats and dice. I'm not interested in GOR, rape dungeons, or alike communities, nor am I looking for a 'family'. If you can drop names and locations for me to check out, optionally along with a description of what the place is all about, I'd be happy to check them out and see how I fit. Thank you for your time, and I look forward to future adventures your recommendations can bring.
  3. Found the earliest image I could and estimated the time it was taken since I'm not exactly sure WHEN it was. I was quite a creature back in the day.
  4. There are a many things that can contribute to poor performance when it comes to platforms such as SecondLife. Games made by professional studios are made to both look good, using rendering methods to improve model appearance and low-poly models to save on graphical strain, furthermore the models and textures are all stored locally, often on SATA HDDs and SDDs, or M.2 SSDs that can load data as fast as 3Gbps to 100Gbps. SecondLife is a net-dependent platform that is always changing, nothing is the same and the data you load along with what's being rendered is always different. All textures and models are downloaded on a net connection that usually is as low as 10Mbps and can be as high as 1Gbps for those graced with fiber connections. The content is user-generated and isn't optimized, this is seen with jewelry (as an example) that can be the size of a pixel until zoomed-in upon using the highest-resolution texture allowed by the platform, this bloats limited memory GPUs have and causes 'texture trashing' (you see this when textures constantly look blurry, or when they go from blurry to clear again and again as your GPU tries to decide which to render) and with such causes performance loss since your GPUs memory is at its limit. Also, there's content creators who mesh in every tiny detail into their product instead of using the graphics options available (normal and specular mapping), using a normal map to get small details into a mesh product is far more efficient than using extra polygons. These options are only visible to those using 'Advanced Lighting Model' however, and many content creators refuse to add these to their products or don't even know it exists. Furthermore, mesh is another, and possibly the largest contributor to lag, at least in populated sims, this applies to the various heads and bodies. Many of these heads and bodies have 'onion layers' since they don't have systems easily able to stack textures for makeup, scars, and other facial/body aesthetics, so instead of rendering the appearance of that person once, it's actually rendering them multiple times in succession (the mesh body/head they're wearing that is), eating limited GPU memory and causing lag. Bakes on Mesh is the answer to this, and I hope to see it soon. Lastly, there is your hardware, what you have inside the box under your desk, beside you, or wherever it sits on your setup. Many people play on laptops, laptops are often under-powered and while they may play AAA title on medium/high, and more expensive ones high/ultra settings, SecondLife being the kind of platform it is, will have performance issues on higher graphics settings. Personally, how I see it, SecondLife has virtually unlimited content, and with games, more content is better than amazing graphics, and that's what brings me back. Roleplaying, being what you want, and doing what you want, is far better than everything being pretty to look at (although it would be a plus). The higher graphics options to me are for photographers, and I dabble in it myself. If you want to see SecondLife with the best graphics available, you'll want to look into a third-party-viewer called Black Dragon, it only runs on Windows however, and do read what you can on the page you're redirected to before the download page if you choose to look into it. I feel I may have merely scraped the tip of the iceberg here, but hope it can give some people insight into what SecondLife is, and what causes some of the problems it's plagued by, I also hope not to stir argument, and it's not my objective. Good day to all, and sorry for the text wall!
  5. I've never been a fan of the Aesthetic body myself, using Signature Gianni instead, it's not that it has too much muscle, because the muscle is realistically achievable with the training and diet required to achieve it. The Aesthetic body is a 'bodybuilder' type of build, it's not uniform strength, it's all upper body bulk, and I prefer the former to the latter. Also, the skin is like syran-wrap, it clings tightly to the body and you only see that kind of definition at body-building competitions where the contestants are dehydrated and at their weakest to make their muscles as defined as possible since judges factor that into their scores. Those things are basically what drives me away from it, but I won't stop anyone from using it and enjoying it, as everyone can use SL the way they please. When it come to clothing options, they're slim, given women are the majority of the market when it comes to clothes, they have a greater range of outfits to choose from, but I can understand the struggle there too given many are as revealing as possible, so winter-wear is difficult to come by. Also, many hair styles are unisex, so both genders have a wide range to choose from, but it depends on the look you're going for, myself not included however, being a guy who likes ballcaps, hair doesn't play too well. Biggest issue I see for men is facial hair options in the form of beards, full beards, not the ones that are simple texture layers, as many of the good ones are 'hipster' styled, which I'm not a fan of. And it's even worse looking for something bento-enabled. I don't want a curly waxed mustache, I want rugged and natural looking, and such a thing is almost nonexistent. So I currently use a non-bento beard and have bento animations off just to have the look I want. I took this picture just moments ago since I almost never have my whole face showing on my Flickr images, shows the beard style I'm talking about mainly, which I'm still micro-adjusting since it doesn't play well with my upper lip.
  6. Yeah, figured that out today. The build uses a large majority of planar textureing due to the massive amount or surface area it's covering, but now after having learned the solution, any texture adjustments are being strickly positive instead of negative when it come to offsets. So yeah, we have been using planar mapping and negative offsets with said planar textures along with the normal and specular mappings. Everything is coming along smoothly now that we figured out the root cause and corrected it. Thanks for the bug report link as well, good to know it's at least known, even after I Google searched solutions for a few days before coming here.
  7. I use Black Dragon as my main viewer. Firestorm has too much in it and it lags like something else and the Lab's viewer has washy colors, but yes, regardless of viewer, the issue persists as I have both Firestorm and Linden Lab's viewers installed as well to diagnose Viewer-specific matters if I run into any issues. But luckily, a possible fix has been discovered. Apparently setting the offset to anything negative causes the issue, Not sure if it's a server-side matter or if recent code changes have caused the issue, but only setting map offsets to a positive value will fix the issue. Hopefully anyone else having the same problem down the road will find this thread useful.
  8. Only negative offsets? Why, is something wrong with them?
  9. I know the maximum offsets are 1.0 and -1.0, but somehow. . . It happens. Not sure if it's a server-side issue or what. because it's giving me the contrains far beyond what should be there. 
  10. I'm helping with a build of an RP sim and I'm expereincing the weirdest thing, and it has been ongoing for the whole length of the build and I'm pulling my hair out over it. It's focuses on Materials mainly, the surface would be textured accordingly, all is dandy until i have to offset the planar texture to line it up with another face, upon relogging, the Normal and Specular textures will be offset by 6.0 on only the axis' that offsets are present in. This hoewver doesn't affect the diffuse texture/channel. What the heck is going on, and how to I make this issue stop?
  11. I may have not been around since ye olde times, but in my early days I was a disaster of anatomy and just looked horrid in general untill i finally pulled myself together and made the shape I have used for almost 2 years now. (Picture below is around 2011) If I had a picture of myself from earlier, you'd probably cringe since it looked even worse than the one above, but I hadn't exactly figured out how a snapshot worked yet.
  12. Hello everyone, I'm looking for a certian script, it's pretty much like a visitor logger, but I would like for it to have a few features most seem to lack. The features I'm looking for it to have is: -Vistor logging (this feature will send an IM to the owner of the person that came into the scanning range, it will include a date and time this person was detected.) -This script will reset/clear the visitor log every 24 hours (or more preferred, reset at 12:00am / 00:00 SLT) -A scan range of at least 20-30 meters -Owner-only access -Low-lag (scans once every 7-10 seconds) To anyone who can help, it is greatly appreciated, I also don't have a lot of $L or have any saws to offer limbs if need be. -Thanks! EDIT: A scripter has been found and the request fulfilled.
  13. Thank you very much Innula Zenovka. I used your script and found the bugger hiding in the floor of her office. Thank you very much for the help in that, the floating text was driving me up the wall.
  14. I have an issue on a land I reside on with a few other residents. One of them made a floating text script and accidently dragged it off to nothingness. I located the floating text, but it is not in a prim, as I have checked all surrounding prims. It's just floating in mid-air. Is there any way to get rid of/return the floating text without returning the other 100-ish prims in the parcel she has placed? Thanks in advance.
  15. My group is looking for a mixed Modern/Sci-fi sim that will allow a military group in aswell. We look soley for RP and a lil' bit of RP combat as well. I'd like to get some ideas of any good, and active sims in the genre the thread is titled after. Splintered Rock is where we are currently coming from, so please disinclude that from any recommendations (this includes The Verse sims as well). We look for a sim that has no OOC drama of any type either. I look forward to any reccomendations from the community. Sorry if my words are a bit jumbled, hard to describe exactly what I'm looking for.
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