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  1. Does anyone know when I will get the Tax documents from Second Life. For the last year I was supposed to have all my cash outs taxed and have been waiting for the tax info in the mail. Any ideas??
  2. You are right but that probably would have been a better idea years ago. For me there seems to be too much going on with the "new world" stuff for me to want to invest any money in SL. Maybe I'm just buggin but that's a whole different topic lol.
  3. Yea thanks guys. They went ahead and put it online for 24 hours for me so I could get my things. So cool becuase it was a store that covered the entire sim and tons of stuff. I got a new sim from a company thats been around awhile so hopefully that will last.
  4. Garsh that would be awesome. I sent a ticket but my have sent the wrong one sounds like I should have sent one for a rollback then. Hopefully my long note will get it to the right people lol
  5. Ive had a sim wide store for almost 7 years that I rented. I log in todaty and sim was gone....Its been sold to 3 or 4 different owners over the years but now owning the sim myself ive always known this was a possibilty. Though i do save everything from time to time I didnt have every updated item I was selling saved and nothing was or has been returned to me. I am guessing my next step is contacting LL and seeing if they can help me but at the least let this be a lesson to anyone renting land. Off to rebuild for me not the first time and im sure wont be the last....
  6. Happens to me to from just editing any listing at all - Edited some of my best products and felt the burn for awhile cause they were dropped so far
  7. I did report the review but I think after so many they started ignoring me at some point through the years lol
  8. Now Im getting neg reviews for it! Ughhhhh :matte-motes-stress:
  9. SAME HERE!! OMFG! Please don't do this..........:smileymad:
  10. Dont know whats going on but you are right. Mine hasnt changed and ive been watching for about 3 days. Blah my count was real low when it got stuck too lol
  11. My sales are consistant and have been lately. The problem is that today - my best selling products are ranked lower than worse selling products under relavence search. sucks becuase already today my sales are down 8-(
  12. This AM I checke my store and noticed my products in a strange order in my store. For forever my products have been in about the sae order and ranked in just about the same places in search. Sales have not changed on any items drastically and my best products are wayyyy down in search for no apparent reason. Has this happened to anyone else today or before? Any educated thoughts?
  13. 6 MONTHS?!!? Haha Might as well all get our signs and start protesting now Random - High to Low Please NO - That will not make them more money. People will see tons of garbage that anyone just throws on MP How does LL not make the most money having the best items at the top? Thats what people are buying the most.
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