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  1. I've been playing second life for a while now and i think it's time i left a review. Second life has always been an escape from real life issues, Boredom, and it even helps me pass time. I think that Second Life is the most successful virtual world because unlike other 3D chats there are actually ways to make money inworld and there are freebies. The only real thing that i hate about SL is.... running out of L$ quickly and the avatars are outdated.... I kinda thought that SL was new and still being programmed but after i realized this game has been running since 2002 and there are mesh models that look half human that are way older than this game i kinda laughed.... Lol but most things are resident created.... i just wish it didnt cost L to upload stuff..... But oh well ill make it trough somehow....

  2. Hello... i am starting this thread because i found a beautiful place in second life! A found it while a friend tped me there.... it was so beautiful i got tears in my eyes in rl. it's because all i have been doing was sitting at my SL home watching youtube videos alone... now since i found this place i want to find more!

    So in this thread please post your favorite places... please use SLURL!!! 




    i will start!


  3. Try asking people on your friends list.... most stuff is availible inworld though and the marketplace gets really boring because everytime you search something the same thing comes up all the time when i search shoes i see the same stuff..... try checking the destination guide?


    lol yeah :matte-motes-kiss:

    the 2 places i use for hair are catwa and truth.

    oh and  the womenstuff also has a couple along with a lot of other things :) 


    i hope that helps


  4. i am looking for somebody to live with...... i don't want to pay rent or anything like that but i could help sell land or help sell homes, i could help build.... anything like that.

    I won't bother much i just want mii own bedroom....

    lol IM inworld if u r interested.. xcookiemonsterx

  5. How to be a better person.........................friends are people who you can rely on in times of need, dispare and, lonliness, and they expect the same from you. Always, be nice to you're friends not just when you need something, because that is what we like to call "Being Used" and nobody likes that way so try to avoid "Users" and don't "Use" people. You, can make friends everywhere in Second Life. My favorite type of friends are the Newer type of residents because they are less mean, and more harmless, and besides you can teach them to be good people in Second Life. Always wear a  :matte-motes-smile: on you're face. Everyone should, Laugh at least once every day because it leads to a better second life. Always appreciate other people differences, because nobody is the same. For example, if you don't like pickles and someone else liked pickles you shouldent go embarrassing them saying Ewww, if it is something unhealthy for example drinking Urine, you should not make fun of them but sudgest them help from a doctor. But the main tip is just be the best person you can possibly be and you will have endless amounts of friends ;). Me, i'm always looking for people to add so if you would like to add me inworld my username is  xcookiemonsterx resident  :)

  6. Tutorial: How to make a good looking avatar without spending so much.

    Well, to have a decent avatar, you're going to need a Full Avatar Pack, you can get these off the marketplace, stores like ZYRA,NOYA and, R.icelli sell them, they cost around 299L$ they come with skin, shapes, mabye outfits. Then after you got you're Base avatar you're going to want an AO(animation overider), you can find some Neat AO's down at Region: Kuso if you land on the ground and not in the store look on you're radar and ask someone to tp you up, and say thank you to them :).Kuso provides a large range of AOs for male and female avatars for not a large price, mostly around 150-300L$.After you got you're AO you're gonna want some good Clothes and some good Hair, you can get some nice hair and clothes, at Region Freebies, and other freebie stores, just look it up on the search: Freebies.

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