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  1. Hello to all I still like my system AVI very much, after all .. I worked on perfecting every aspect of the shape and expression for a long time. Two years ago I began wearing Mesh bodies, Belleza venus and shortly after that Maitreya Lara. I like them both, they serve a purpose - especially at the beach . I never switched to the Mesh Heads, they just don't look right to me, LOL . However I am truly dissatisfied with the inability to apply 2 of my older skins to the mesh bodies and the creators (Belleza and Pulse) have either discontinued and/or are no longer selling the skin. Many creators don't update their older skins to work with Mesh bodies and this makes it difficult to find just the right RGB color codes for matching skin [with the slider] as unique and detailed as Pulse skin. - I agree with those who have pointed out the usefulness of slink hands and feet. If you have pretty hands and feet and have applied your skin tattoo over the seem how lovely it is with your System Avatar! And if you fudge a little with the color codes on hands/feet it is hardly noticeable. Add a lovely bracelet and wristwatch - voila. You can find me still looking at all types of System clothes because of the wonderful Mesh attachments which are so often included in their very affordable outfits. Often I will spend a few Lindens just to have the attachments advertised with the outfit. So, yes .. I think it is quite acceptable to run around SL with a System Avatar wearing a nice skin, Mesh hands/feet, lovely new hair, cute Mesh eyes and Mesh clothing designed to be worn with your System AVI and never feel out of place. -Dalah
  2. I am grateful for this information, Innula. Thank you very much. D.
  3. N.B. Just in case it was a 'cyber robbery' :smileysad: .. My IM's are open. If you ever see anything I own, may that be furniture or clothing, etc.; all you have to do is IM me and ask if you may have it. Generosity is one of my few good traits. Dalah
  4. Hello, I returned to my Linden Home this evening and several items were no longer there. a piano w bench a patio furniture set a large potted rosebush I was careful to not load the piano with all the extras and scripts after I rezzed it. This was inside my home. The patio furniture had a few sitting animations, but nothing special and very few. The rosebush had no scripts at all. I was careful to stay within my prim allowance. Every available security feature was enabled. The missing items have not been returned to me by LLabs. I checked and re checked my missing items, objects, as well as received items folders. There is no email or IM message from LLabs informing me of this home invasion! LOL I have filed a ticket w LLabs since I do have a Premium Acct./ However , they are closed and I won't hear from them for some time, I am sure. Now I am wondering if I should de-rezz my remaining possessions in and around the home [on the terrace] just in case there are thieves hopping around? Does this happen often on SL? Will I receive my items again? If someone stole them, will we be able to find the offender? [if any] Thank you for your answers on this matter in advance. Dalah :smileyvery-happy: My Thanks to All who commented on my posts. I have good news and I have bad news. The bad news is that I jumped the gun .. was horryfied I may have compelled someone to commit an unethical act by leaving my windows unblocked @the LHome. The good news is the missing items -re-appeared as mysteriously as they had previously vanished. A fellow SL chatter asked me to clear my cache .. which I did. No change. Then she instructed me to use a different viewer and voila! I learned several new and important things from all who posted. This will aid me in my future anticipated technical troubles on SL, no doubt. Your patience with Newbies is much appreciated. Be well, Dalah
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