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  1. I was trying to log in today using the current Firestorm, and it was weird, I'd get to a state where the welcome screen was up, but my chat windows were floating too. It didn't load the world. Nothing worked. I tried hitting the login button again, and I got a message that I was detected logging in from multiple locations and that my account wouldn't be available until sometime tomorrow! What's going on?
  2. This may be a related issue. I was trying to file a complaint about a griefer object, and instead I got a failed e-mail notification in my in-box in my e-mail account. It seems that SL is trying to use DMARK e-mail verification, but it's trying to verify my e-mail address against my SL name, so of course my ISP is gonna say "No, that's not the right account" and thus the complaint got returned to sender. People who aren't getting the e-mails they're expecting might want to check their spam filters, but that might not necessarily be where they ended up.
  3. Googling didn't help. What I'm looking for is a list of sounds that can be used freely without having to load them up in my objects. For example, every door open and close script example has the tokens/keys for two sounds that you hear all over SL. One for the door opening, and one for it closing. They're used everywhere, but where do they "live"? And the question is, do they have any neighbors? Is there a list somewhere?
  4. "You're having two problems. One is that you don't have to retype all of the parameters. Just use llGetLinkPrimitiveParams to get what's there already" Actually, the llGetLinkPrimitiveParams was the first line, but extracting every parameter and attaching it individually was the brute force thing I had to do when I couldn't manipulate the list for some reason. I'm still not clear on why vector cut = llList2Vector(params, 2); params = llListReplaceList(params, [cut], 2, 2); didn't work, while params = llListReplaceList(params,[<.25,.75,0.0>],2,2); will. They appear identical. Update: Trying it, for some reason the original line DOES work now. There must have been some other syntax error that didn't trigger until that line. Cute how you stuck the line to invert gOn in the middle there, And I love the vector math in the other example. And the use of a timer like a heartbeat for multiple purposes also is gonna get cribbed. I used to be a programmer in a pre-tech crash life, but getting back on the horse in the LSL environment is a very different kettle of fish. Still, I guess my original complaint was that there weren't functions to individuall access each varaible, instead requiring the list manipulation. Or at least a function that took a constant to name which individual parameter you were trying to edit. Skew has one, after all.
  5. For example, I've got a tube prim that I'm using to make a sort of "Stasis Tube" object, so I'm changing the begin and end cut parameters to make it open and close. But the fact that I have to get all the individual parameters and extract them so that I can alter one and plug them back in seems very unoptimized. Here it is stripped down to the barest minimum, with one attempt that failed commented out. A fix for that alone might help with efficiency. { list params = llGetPrimitiveParams([PRIM_TYPE]); //This is the stuff I'm thinking is inefficient integer holeshape = llList2Integer(params, 1); vector cut = llList2Vector(params, 2); float hollow = llList2Float(params, 3); vector twist = llList2Vector(params, 4); vector holesize = llList2Vector(params, 5); vector topshear = llList2Vector(params, 6); vector profilecut = llList2Vector(params, 7); vector taper_a = llList2Vector(params, 8); float revolutions = llList2Float(params, 9); float radiusoffset = llList2Float(params, 10); float skew = llList2Float(params, 11); //normally this might be put into states, and I want to break it up incrementally with a timer to close slowly. if ((0.0 != cut.x)) { cut.x = 0.0; cut.y = 1.0; } else { cut.x = 0.25; cut.y = 0.75; } //This is the only way to set any of these parameters. It would be SO much better to have a way of accessing them individually as well as en masse. llSetPrimitiveParams([PRIM_TYPE, PRIM_TYPE_TUBE, holeshape, cut, hollow, twist, holesize, topshear, profilecut, taper_a, revolutions, radiusoffset, skew]); //This fails saying I can't put a list in a list. But I can't use llListReplaceList without the [ ] around cut //params = llListReplaceList(params, [cut], 2, 2); // llSetPrimitiveParams([PRIM_TYPE, params]); } This works, but it strikes me as horribly inelegant.
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