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  1. is there anything a person can do to stop someone from using the cam to perve into your house from a distance. anything to do or purchase to stop this.
  2. I have an old K&K Trance-o-matic hypno chair, but have no documentation., does anyone know where the documentation could be located for Obtaining whirl textures and Sound, writing scripts tutorial or demo for this chair. Or any other help sources that may be effective. Thank You
  3. A friend of mine has been threatened by a person with a "weapon that can destroy her permanently, and wipe out her linden account balance." Does anything like this exist in SL, and if so are there any solutions if such a device is used. Thank You
  4. how do we set a tp location at 3953M, when my partner saves this location, she ends up on the land at ground level.when I tp there I stay put. Please can anyone help. are there any point to point tp pads that can work at distances of 4000 m?
  5. Increasing land from 512 to1536 will that increase the prim count from 117 to a larger number. If so what will the new count be
  6. Would like to add walls around bath area in meadowbrook model
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