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  1. Hi my name is Kaitlyn Walker (Kaitlyn5221.Resident) I am looking for a new mommy and/or daddy. I dont mind lesbian or gay parents either. I am bisexual myself but am married to a man and have several children and a wonderful family though a bit big. I am still lackin parents. I lack the love and care of a parent. I have been yearning in sl for a parent to be there through my tears and sadness and happiness and rejoyces. I am a model, DJ, Hostess, Dancer, and I can also Photograph inworld. I am very nutty and a proud bitch bubt i'm kind if you give me respect and treat me kindly. Please If you would like me as your daughter you can check my profile out inworld and also im me. my inworld name is Kaitlyn5221 Resident but i go by Kaitlyn Walker. Thanks for your tuime. Hope to speak with you soon =).
  2. Hi i have been looking for a mom and/or dad since my old ones disowned me which i would be happy to explain in private. But I am an adult avi with a husband, kids, grandkids, great grandkids, sisters brothers. but i have no mother and kinda feel lonesome. I love to party and have fun but do it respectably. I am an inworld model and a DJ. I will be iming you inworld as well just figured I'd send this too so i can make sure you get my message. =) Thanks for your time Kaitlyn Walker (Kaitlyn5221.Resident)
  3. also forgot to mention i am a secondlife model and a dj.
  4. hi Jade, My name is Kaitlyn5221 resident. I am married and have 4 avi children one having the name Jade as well lol. I also have twin girl prim babies and a prim son baby. I live in my own place with my husband on a friends sim and i have many brothers and sisters nieces nephews grandkids and greatgrandkids. maybe we can meet. Look me up inworld so we may speak if you are still interested. Kaitlyn Walker (Kaitlyn5221.Resident)
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