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  1. Love the house ! Do you mind telling me what add on this is?
  2. Please feel free to message me. I am looking for some new friends as well and it seems we have similar interest.
  3. Welcome back. If you need any help or just want company feel free to message me.
  4. Feel free to message me. I am always open for new friends and unfortunately since coming back to SL most my friends don’t get on as much.
  5. Hey! My name is Ashlii. I have been gone for a little due to RL and am looking for some new friends (maybe even family). I am typically outgoing and energetic, and up for almost anything. I like to explore new places and revisit old, meet and chat with new people, play games, shop, and take pictures. I enjoy good company and would love to have a friend to hang and go on adventures with, whatever they may be. Feel free to hit me up :))
  6. Hey I'm Ashlii Baily. I love to exploring new places (and revisiting old). I am always up for meeting/chatting with new people. I also enjoy shopping, going to events and have recently gotten into photography. Feel free to message :))
  7. Hey. Feel free to look me up. I love making new friends.
  8. I am up for me being friends ! Just hit me up )
  9. I am up for being friends! Hit me up anytime ! Ashlii Baily
  10. You are always welcomed to talk to me ! I love to make some new friends. No suggestions though on how else to find some friends. Just search Ashlii Baily
  11. Feel free to hit me up. I was away for a while but now I am back and looking for new people to hang out with on here. Ashlii Baily (Just search my name and send a message)
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