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  1. Hello I have a problem uploading mesh in beta grids , i can upload mesh in main SL but in beta when i try to get the rights to upload mesh i get this message Uh oh. It's buggy. 500 Internal server error Sorry, something unexpected happened. Please try again in a few minutes. If you continue to receive this message, please contact Second Life Support. i can upload mesh in main grids but i can't in beta :( any one knows how to fix this problem :(
  2. Thank you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much
  3. Hello all Ok i have a problem with knowing the UUID of texture , Well i want to start my own business creating tattoos for maitreya mesh body so her script ask for texture UUid so i want to test my textures first befor i upload it , i am new designer so i will made a 10000 edit till i find the one i like the most , my question is how can i get the UUID of a texture not actual uploded by SL it's uploaded by Local button on Firestorm viewer thx in advance
  4. 1). How and why did you get started? found full perm clothes in mp 2). What tools do you use? Do you use mesh, etc.? yes only mesh 3). Do you make clothes that you would wear in Real Life, or clothes that you would only wear in SL? clothes i like to wear in SL 4). Do you make lingerie, sleep wear, bathing suits, outer clothing, etc. outer clotheing 5). Do you show off your clothing creations? Where? yes .. MP
  5. it's really nice and cute blog keep it up
  6. i tryed it befor it was very hard for me to learn how to work with this prog couz not much tutorial about it so i think photoshop is easy couz i found alot of tutorial
  7. wow could u plz put the sl url
  8. اخى حافظ هل الطريقه دى نافعه لكل الاصدارات ولا فى اصدار معين
  9. اخى العزيز كل الذى تريده هو pose stand وده رابط https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Professional-Pose-stand/3948015 وايضا تحتاج الى مايسمى بالالفا alpha تستطيع الحصول عليها من هنا https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/FREE-Full-Perm-Textures-for-Clothes-Creating-1-tgapsd-preview-clothes/377840 واذا احتجت اى مساعده انا موجوده
  10. ok i have big prob guys some one in sl hates me without no reason send fake reports about me and my accounts got banned every time and when i send ticket i have 2 wait about month to get it back and iam a meeroo breeder all my roos die couz i dont feed them by the way he use about 10000 account every day new account and he use fake visa and buy linden i know his land i know the ppl who sell his fake linden and plz dont tell me i have 2 send an abuse report couz he always come again with new account any way thx for your time reading about my prob and sorry for my bad english
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