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  1. I'm a blues fan. I appreciate DJ's who have knowledge about the musicians or a story about the tune, etc., to share with us. Certain DJ'S were so interesting and fun that they would MAKE me want to remember to come to their sets on certain nights! The DJ's who feel that simply 'greeting' you as soon as you land outside of the club, and playing tunes one after another with nothing interesting to say, I simply don't feel inspired to tip. One thing that I honestly find irritating and WILL make me leave a club, is when the 'hosts' constantly remind or badger you to tip the venue and the performer, and then the performer reminds you to tip the 'amazing' host, who has basically just been saying hi to people and bugging us to tip. My answer to the posted question is no, I don't feel it is wrong to not tip occasionally. Tip when you have enjoyed the music, the banter, etc. Tip what is affordable to you.
  2. My dad, who was a thoughtfuI and reasonabIe man, worked for the Canadian Air Force aII of his Iife. He said that over the years, he knew severaI jet piIots had seen things that they couId not expIain. This was back in the 60's and 70's.
  3. When I initiaIIy joined over 10 years ago, I voiced more because I was given the impression that it was expected in sI. About 6 years ago, my rI situation changed and I was seIdom abIe to chat on voice. InterestingIy, I found that yes, some peopIe moved on, but I stiII kept many of my oId friends. I have one femaIe friend who speaks another first Ianguage, so she types sIowIy; and prefers to voice. What we do then is that I Iisten to her taIk, whiIe I TYPE in repIy. When THAT is impossibIe, then I just teII her and then we just try our best. BasicaIIy, as the years went by, I have just poIiteIy stuck to the way that I want to Iive in my sI or am abIe to Iive in sI. If it is cruciaI for someone to be with someone who Iogs into sI for many hours each day, and needs to voice with them most of the time, then I wish them aII the best, but I won't change for them.
  4. This is an oId photo that I had taken back in 2018, but I was very happy with it.
  5. How long were you in sl initially, and did you leave because you were bored back then? What have you been doing since you returned to sl? There have been good suggestions made so far, and offers to chat and meet with you, so I hope that you connect with at least one person here. I have moved around a lot throughout my life; first as an air force brat, and then moving to various places with my husband's career. What I learned is this; that the likelihood of someone walking up to your door and asking, "Can I be your friend?" is very low. You need to get out and do something that you enjoy, and things will happen from there. Let us know how things are in a few months, ok? *hugs*
  6. ...just curious, and I know it isn't any of my business, but I was wondering why you haven't been in a sl relationship for more than 10 years?
  7. How charming is THAT? She can see that she is foremost in your thoughts when she receives your notes. The fact that you share ramblings, not just romantic or naughty thoughts is really lovely. Does she reciprocate with notes as well, at least sometimes? I remember reading that Ronald Reagan wrote letters to his wife Nancy nearly everyday or sent her little silly doodles. They remained in love until the end. There is something to that, I think. Wishing you both all the very best. 🙂
  8. I have been taking my first break in sl (other than vacations in rl) in over 10 years of being in here. I have several reasons why I'm taking the break, some rl and some sl. The other day I went to check my flickr and there were three messages from sl friends, concerned about my disappearance. I had never announced it or put a 'taking a break' sign up on my profile. One thing that I had forgotten about is that people would assume that my cancer had returned, which it hasn't. It was an aggressive cancer with a 30-40% rate of re-occurring so I get tested every 3 months. Since then, I have been sending messages to my important friends through gmail, flickrmail, etc to re-assure them that I'm fine and that I just needed a break. I have had good friends, friends who I had known for ages simply 'disappear' and I had no way to communicate to ask if they were okay. It's an awful feeling. Now with COVID, we could 'disappear' because of it, and no one would know what has happened to you unless you have some sort of system to alert or inform sl friends. I needed this reminder that taking a break is fine, but that I had to remember to let my close friends know what is going on and how I am doing.
  9. At first I was going to say that the bottom one was a backdrop, but then I noticed the rocks on the right side of the bottom photo, and that told me that a backdrop wouldn't have had such angular 'sl' looking rocks. The shore is also a bit angular in spots. I had to really look at the photos to notice any sort of difference, though.
  10. Yes, I agree that 'bloom' is used here. You don't mention which photo-editing program you use. For those of us who do not have PS, but use free online photo-editing programs such as pixlr, there is an effect called 'orton' which can achieve a somewhat similar effect. You play with the slider to get the desired look. Under 'touch--up's' or 'make-up tools', it looks like the photographer added highlights to the skin. Personally, if you have seen a lot of this style of photo-editing in flickr, why not just shot a flickrmail message to one of the photographers and ask them if they could direct you to an instructive video, or tell you the editing program that they use, etc. I think that most people are pretty helpful. While it's good to ask people how they achieve a certain 'look' to their photographs to learn, we should all try to develop our own identifiable style. I can just look at some flickr photos and recognize who took the photo by their unique style.
  11. When I came into sl, I saw all of these avatars that all looked like they were 20 something. I thought that no one would bother talking to me if they knew my rl age, so I lied and said that I was 23 (I was 54 and married). I was able to voice, as I frequently get asked to 'speak to my mother' when I answer the phone in rl. I had to lie about why I couldn't or wouldn't share photos. Basically everything was a convoluted lie and it ate at me more and more. I began to meet more and more people; more people to lie to. I know others have no issue with being someone they aren't in sl, but I began to feel burdened by all the lies. One day, I made a decision to 'come out' and finally told one of my closest friends the truth. He was quiet for a while and then said, "Okay, so you are an older married woman. It doesn't bother me." I was stunned. I was expecting anger, and expected to be unfriended. One by one, I told my friends the truth, and all of them except two accepted it, saying, "Hey, I like YOU...YOU ...the person BEHIND kari.' The two who got angry at me, took a few years before they could forgive me. The feeling of people accepting me not only as an older woman, but someone who had been dishonest to each of them, was incredible and freeing. Ever since then, I tell people the truth about me, readily. Seems that nearly everyone I have met are okay with my age. Do I see my avatar as a 64 year old woman in sl? No, but then if you asked me how old I am INSIDE of my rl head, I would tell you that I'm 27 or 28!!
  12. Just curious, where do you tend to hang out when you are in sl? What are your interests? You mention window shopping, but other than that, what else?
  13. I've been posting in flickr on and off since 2012. I've never had one issue with how I rate my photos. I try my best to follow their rules. When I'm not sure which safety level to post it at, I choose a more stricter level. One thing that I do, when I am looking through new posts taken by people I am following and see a very sexual post, I check to see which safety rating they have posted it at. Sometimes people forget to change the safety level. If the photo is posted as 'safe', I then send them a friendly message just telling them that I've had friends banned for not choosing the correct safety level and that they might want to chose another level. I always get a message back thanking me for letting them know. It's often a simple case of forgetting.
  14. One place that I have loved to ride with a friend is called "Mother Road". It's just such a great 'route 66' sort of place with GREAT light and details. Love it. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Mishiland/65/210/75
  15. Hi there. I was just wondering if you ever heard from him again? Probably most of us have had the same experience, and so we know how it hurts to not know what has happened. How hard is it to send someone a notecard in sl before you take a break or leave? With covid, it's been particularly concerning to suddenly not hear from someone. Hope that you are doing well and have found a good new friend or two.
  16. I was asked to take wedding photos for a woman and her partner about 8-9 years ago. Her fiancé was hard to photograph as he was trying to look like a body-builder so his clothes didn't fit well, and this was before mesh. I worked hard on editing the photos, sent them to her when I finished them, and she was pleased. She paid me very well. About two weeks later she messaged me and said, "It didn't work out. He's an ass. I'm engaged to a new amazing guy." I was taken aback, how she could end it with her husband, find someone new, and get engaged all within 2 weeks? She laughed and said that when she knows what she wants, she goes after it. She wanted me to photograph this second wedding, which I did. I had rl family issues so I couldn't send her the edited finalized photos until about 2-3 weeks later. She loved them, but then told me that they weren't married anymore! About a month later, she messaged me again and said, 'Ok, HE was a mistake. I am now engaged to someone who is incredible now. Can you take our wedding photos which will be in goth and black?" I hesitated, but decided to take the photos, even though they were super challenging to make the photos look good as it was so dark in the chapel. The next time I saw a message from her was about 6-8 weeks later, and I said, after taking a deep breath, "How's things?" She said, swearing like a lumberjack, that the last guy was the biggest ***** and 'good riddance' to him. She wanted me to take her wedding photos with her new fiancé. I finally asked her, "WHY do you bother making vows to people and then ending it with them so quickly? Just live with them and state on your profile that you are in a committed relationship. After a few months, THEN maybe think of marrying the new guy." She laughed and just said that she was an 'optimist'. I finally said to her, politely, that I was probably bad luck for her, and suggested that she find another photographer! lol. I lost contact with her after that, but that was the strangest wedding experience I've had in sl.
  17. Strawberry Singh who used to blog in SL but now works for Linden Lab, posted this interview back in Aug. 2020 with Philip Rosedale. It's a really interesting interview! A bit long, but I thought that it was great. 🙂 My Interview with Philip Rosedale – StrawberrySingh.com
  18. One of my favorite places to hang out was Humanoid. I just loved this place. This photo was taken in 2013 with my then bf. It was just one of those peaceful, quiet times chatting about whatever, but enjoying the moment. We have always remained friends ever since, and I'm now friends with his current partner. I had encouraged him to try photography back then, and he is now into it than I am!
  19. What do you mean, "It's kind of hard to talk with him." Does that mean that he isn't a good conversationalist? Doesn't express his thoughts well? If so, then what is the basis to continue seeing him? From what you have shared with us, it doesn't seem that you have a particularly close relationship with him, or get much out of being with him. ...and wanting to make him jealous? Isn't that getting rather desperate or junior-highish? In my book, that's what I call 'playing games with people'. Not good. Regarding time zones, I'm from western Canada (slt+1) so over the years I have learned that dating guys from Europe or Asia in sl is pretty challenging for me, so I decided to make it a rule for myself. I enjoy chatting or hanging out with them, but I won't form any exclusive relationship with them.
  20. Thanks for the update, Tipsy. 🙂 That's great news!
  21. By you mentioning 'find enjoyment out of it (sl)', what exactly gave you enjoyment before? Socializing and hanging out with friends? Shopping? Enjoying music venues and exploring? Romance? More people logged into sl, in my opinion in the first lock-downs. If you had favorite hangouts before, are they still around? Generally, people tend to find a few favorite places to hang out at regularly, and meet others there.
  22. *Smiles* Yes, it's an oldie but still is special, at least to me. I think during this last year of covid quarantines, I tended to 'travel' virtually in sl more than usual.
  23. I think I love visiting places that try to look like rl places. I love going to the Venice sim, for example, putting the windlight onto sunset or even midnight, and stand on the bridge over the canal with someone special. There are a few places where you can dance, like in St. Mark's square, as well. Lots of places to sit and watch the water ferries or taxis go by, or you can ride one of them. I can't remember if the gondola's work or not. Yes, it's an old build, but I still find it romantic.
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