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  1. Well, if anyone happens to stumble across this post and they, themselves are wondering about how and where to find Flamenco dancing, I've found a couple places! Come find me in-world and we'll go Flamenco dancing together!
  2. Hello! I have always dreamed of becoming a flamenco dancer in rl, but haven't been able to. So when I found SL, I thought it'd be fun to try to find it here. I have been searching for a while for a place in Second Life where I can do flamenco dancing, but so far I've only found places where I can buy flamenco dresses and one place that advertised flamenco dancing, but I couldn't find any dance balls. I'm wondering if, and hoping there might be, some people out there who might know of a few such places. I'm not necessarily looking for dance clubs that specialize in flamenco, or Spanish dancing; although I'd be glad to find such places as well. I really just want to find a place that has flamenco dance balls where I can go to dance flamenco any time I want. :) Thank you! :)
  3. I would love to meet you inworld! You're absolutely right! I've found some very genuine friends as a result of this forum. SL is becoming more and more fun! I shall come find you in SL! Sonja Smedley wrote: Huhuuu....I found my best friend Mia here at the forum, She had a thread where she searched for friends and so we met....I´m sure you will also find many female friends here. Would be nice to meet you inworld also...If you like you can add me.
  4. Ha, ha! Too right, Ceka! I'm finding more and more friends through shopping and fashion! I love it! We share similar interests and I make a good friend as well! P.S. I just watched Where Them Girls At. Loved it!!! All too fitting for this post. Thx!!! Ceka Cianci wrote: shopping and fashion are the answer to everything \o/
  5. Hey LisaMichelle! I'd love to be your friend! I'll search for you. It's nice to know there are others out there looking for the same. Hope to meet you soon too!
  6. Thank you Valerie, Jessika, Morgaine & Latch for your suggestions! They are fantastic suggestions! I'll search for groups instead of places. That makes a lot of sense. I'm in your debt!
  7. Hello, I know this might sound strange, but I'm looking for friends in SL, but I'm not looking for sexual relationships. I've been trying to find places to meet girls, but everything I find is for lesbians and bisexuals. Does anyone know of some places I can find some girlfriends who aren't just looking for a sexual relationship? So far, almost everyone I've met is interested only in 1) sex, or 2) biting me (vampires). Surely there are some girls out there just looking for friendships. :) Giselle
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