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  1. Thank you all very much for the helpful info, will definitely try it.
  2. Thanks for reply Yes you are right both OS are 32 bit. Yes I know no point in more Ram if only 32 bit.
  3. Hi folks, I have quite an old computer now eight years old, quad core Amd with 4gb of ram and a more recent Nvidia geforece 710 passive graphics card, I believe it has 2gb of ram. I just keep crashing in busy sims probably where the lag is high, and a lot of people around. I have updated graphics driver, tried both firestorm and second life official viewers but still same result. I have both windows 7 and windows 10 on my desktop computer, but on both OS same things happens. Any ideas, (other than to stay clear of the sims I crash in) appreciated. It works well in a lot of other sims. Many thanks
  4. Hi, As the title says, say I was to buy a pet such as a dog in SL rezzed it in one sim, but then I tp to a different sim, is there a danger I could loose the asset, and if not found would't be able to restore it? The one I am looking at does have a HUD. Many thanks for any help.
  5. Hi folks, For the first time on SL I have bought linden dollars and have paid through Paypal, Linden balance on my account is right. I notice that a recurring payment has been set up on Paypal, which I probably want to delete. I feel happier this way and should I want to buy more Lindens again I take it, its the same procedure to do. My question is, am I right in thinking that this won't affect my Linden balance in any way, and I can just go through the above process again when buying Lindens or other items in the SL Marketplace? Many thanks for any replies.
  6. Hi folks, 1 Am I right in thinking that yoru SL cache only contains the images and graphics of the SL worlds or does it contain info about the avators present and other things when the cache for that particular world is created? 2 Are flash movies that are played in the SL worlds saved to the hard drive? Thank you very much for the info. Slabberman
  7. Hello peeps, I know I can use the serach function putting in "adult" and quite a few landlmarks will come up, but is there a way to find other adult sims by maybe going to the mini map and just moving around on the adult continent if that is possible? oh and by the way are all the adult worlds on the adult continent? Thanks :) SM
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