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  1. Why are there less friends on my Friends List on my Dashboard than on my Friends List when I'm in SL? I have clicked the arrow at the bottom on my dashboard and there are about 10 less friends on my dashboard than I have in SL when i log in? I have like 191 on my dashboard but have 200 inworld? Thank you.
  2. Since I haven't got any responses I started playing around with the Events notices...and I finally figured out that something must have changed recently that no longer allows any unusual characters in the title of the Event.... I had originally "&"(R&B) instead of "and" and an exclamation mark at the end...so I removed them and my Event posted. Not sure this was the whole issue but it worked for me !
  3. I have been trying to post an Event in SL Events for a few days now, which I do every week and I have been getting the following error.. I have tried numerous times and still get the same error. Can you help? Please correct the following: An internal error occurred. Please try again later.
  4. I'm a little confused, when buying a new Skin - do the facial features come with the Skin or does the face come with the Shape? I've tried on a few Skins and my face doesnt change so I'm not sure. I have a Maitreya Lara body and orginal head. Thank you:)
  5. Thank you so much for your quick response as I appreciate it. I had searched the knowledge base before asking but did not think to Google it, so thanks for that tip too
  6. I have posted an Event on the Events on the Dashboard and I made a mistake and dont know how to fix it? Can someone help me please and thank you.
  7. Just recently I have not been able to offer a tp to my bf. I've had not problems just clicking the tp icon previously so wonder why this is happening now. He's logged out and back in and so have I and that didnt help. Did we turn something on by mistake to cause this? Any help would be appreciated.. Thanks..
  8. I have been seeing this Script warnng error below when i jump on a dance ball that i have purchased or have found for free and am not sure how to fix it, any input would be appreciated: Script trying to stop animations but PERMISSION_TRIGGER_ANIMATION permission not set
  9. When I click a different pose i end up outside..and dont know why...?? I have to use the camera to get back to the couch / bed etc... Is it something I am doing wrong or need to adjust something. My boyfriend has the same problem sometimes. Any suggestions would be appreciated. We both use SL viewer ...not sure what else you need to know to help...just let me know. Thanks!!
  10. Whenever my boyfriend and i got to dance at Big Daddy's we can't get the Couples Dance Balls to work for him. Ihave no problem but he can't get them to animate for him. He's using SL Viewer Beta (and so am I) He's turned off his AO (vista AO) We;ve tried both the Big Dance balls and the smaller ones. We tried having me or him click onthe balls first and still nothing for him. He can click on the Blue ball but never gets the popup to say YES to animate. When he tried the Single Dance Balls...he had no problem. Granted Big Daddy's always has a lot of lag, but we wait till everything has rezzed a
  11. I;ve been trying to figure out how I can upload a photo from ,my computer to My Feed and can't see how, so would appreciate any tips please. I use SL Viewer, but can use Phoenix if I need to.(but not a fan of Phoenix) Thank you.
  12. I have so many orange Object boxes as Im not sure I can delete them once they've been opened and the item is in a folder. Can someone enlghten me please. Thanks.
  13. Thanks for the quick responses. Its so easy to have questions answered!! Love this!
  14. I was just wondering that when I sign into the SL Dashboard....such as now to ask this question...do I show as Online to those who are inworld? And the list that I see on the SL Dashboard of those Online....does that mean they are in-world or are they also just signed into the SL Dashboard? Thanks.....just curious...
  15. Are there any bodies of water where we can rez a large yacht for free..any help would be appreciated. And if not for free then if you could reccommend a yacht club with low rental rates please Thank you
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