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  1. So i recently unlisted and cleared all my items from marketplace to start fresh, however there is this one item that remains even though its not listed or in any marketplace folder. When i click item it just returns me to main marketplace homepage. Does anyone know how to get rid of this ?
  2. silent Grut

    G-Force Nightclub

    G-Force Nightclub is the new nightclub in secondlife which is extremely close to a real life club. We have some of the best djs in sl performing daily, we have shops for rent in a high traffic area, we offer advertisement at reasonable prices and have a nightclub training facility where can train djs,hosts and dancers. so if you want to come and see then heres the SLURL Link http://slurl.com/secondlife/Wonderful%20Land%205/159/200/2752
  3. silent Grut

    G-Force Nightclub Hiring

    G-Force Nightclub is looking for staff, we are looking for dancers,hosts and djs. You earn 100% tips. We have our own training facilities for those with little or no experiance. We have a supportive management team with years of sl experiance. so if your interested pick up an application from : http://slurl.com/secondlife/Wonderful%20Land%205/159/200/2752
  4. silent Grut

    how do i install the viewer on ubuntu 11.10?

    hey im trying to install sl viewer on ubuntu 11.10 how do i do it ?