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  1. Im just going to be blunt, I can think of no reason other than some one up to no good that anyone would be this hung up on line status. I did not think not seeing seeing the viewers would be that big a deal til i was victimized today by an alt pretending to be a newbie that let it slip that they were on Singularity , Let's be honest , NO one new to SL ends up on a third party viewer their first day . Now they want to completely hide online status , WHY ? Unless you are up to no good , why would you ever need to hide the fact you are online ?? There is busy mode and away status , both of which work just fine if you get busy . Most builders I know use an alt , if they need complete privacy . I reiterate unless you are up to no good there is no reason to hide that you are online . At least get the balls to make an alt for that so you don't hurt the people you want to hide from . LL is just helping the people making SL more and more unpleasant to be in with this moves . This makes me wonder what the Lindens are up to themselves since they think it is such a good idea to hide and creep like thives in the night.
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