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  1. nah, it doesnt even let me push the button when i add that... -edit: someone said I should get rid of the llGetOwner. and that should take care of it, but my biggest concern with that, is, what if I plan on selling this in the sl market and 2 people have the same item, the llGetOwner makes sure its the owner telling it what to do, but if I take that out, some one elses hud will mess with your item... or anyone who knows the key words can mess it up...
  2. this would be the sending code... the one in the hud button. default{ touch_start(integer total_number) { llSay(-54200, "shikai"); }} and this is the listening script. the one in the object. default{ state_entry() { llListen(-54200,"",llGetOwner(),""); } on_rez(integer message) { llResetScript(); } listen(integer channel, string name, key id, string message) { if(llToLower(message) == "shikai") llSetAlpha(1.0,ALL_SIDES); else if(llToLower(message) == "off") llSetAlpha(0.0,ALL_SIDES); else if(llTo
  3. actually... now that I tried it. none of those worked. I set the channel to -54200. I did the region say I did the say, I did the whisper. I even typed "/-54200 1" into the chat box and it did nothing. negative numbers dont seem to work at all, when I typed them, it just displayed "/-54200 1" in the chat window. anybody have any other suggestions??
  4. ok, heres what I mean... I have 5 objects that need to listen to one hud. the listen objects 0-4 each work when it is typed in the chat box. IE: "/86 0" will turn all objects into, "off" position. but I want a hud to control these instead of typing,, for convinience, effect, and quality. how do I make the objects in question respond to a hud button? here is an example of the script Im using in one of the objects (colored for your convienience ^_^ ) default { state_entry() { llListen(86,"",llGetOwner(),""); } on_rez(integer mess
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