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  1. I have a meshed outfit that need to fit the Kemono avatar, but me and my pal have NOT been able to get the stupid thing to rig properly. So i'm reaching out to look for someone willing to either help us rig it, or rig it themselves. Please contact me In world if you have any questions. Samajimimamimi Xue (Pink Diamond)
  2. I have a small object I'd like to be rigged for wear the Kemono Avatar. Please IM me inworld at Samajimimamimi Xue for more details.
  3. There is a certian dress I would like to have made that would fit a mesh body. Can give more details Inworld if you would like to contact me.
  4. I've seen things from Gmod before that were uploaded into SL, and I have a few of my own, and can't figure out HOW to transfre them in to SL. They don't open up properly in blender, and if they CAN be opened in blender, what am I doing wrong?
  5. I'm looking to have a pony useable bed set made. The bed itself would only need two poses, a sit and a lay. everything else would just be decore. Please contact me inworld for all details. and haggeling a price ^^ Samajimimamimi Xue
  6. I'm looking to have a certain mane and tail set made. It could be a challange. If anyone is intrested please IM me in world. We can talk details then ^u^ Samajimimamimi Xue
  7. I'm looking for someone who can make a custom mod of Princess Celestias mych taller, long legged, thin pony form. I only need the body. If intrested contact me inworld as ill get messages there faster.
  8. I need a custom folding fan that can be opened and closed with a personalized crest in the center. I need this done before two weeks time. Please contact me inworld about payment. Samajimimamimi Xue(Higurashi)
  9. I'm not ready to have this item made just yet, but I'm reaching out to people to talk about it getting made. What I basically need, is a very special umbrella to be made. It'll need to have an animation made with it, as it has to be held a certain way. If you're interested, please IM me in-world (Samajimimamimi Xue), as you'll have the best chance in getting in contact with me there.
  10. I'm looking to have a simple tattoo made that will go on my back. I'm not sure how much it costs to make a tattoo, but once you see what I want made, throw some prices at me and we can talk making a tattoo! ^^ You can IM me In-World too as you'll get a response faster that way. Thanks!!
  11. I have no knowledge on scripting. I look at them and my brain hurts. But i need a script that can do several things. !. I need it to be able to give out three diffrent items when you click on it and have a menu for these options *A NC & *Two seprate pictures with two seprate prices 2. I need it to ONLY give out the NC's when you click on the NC option and then allow you to pay for the two seprate pictures. How would I go about doing this? I'm willing to pay for this script if it's not at an outrageous price. You can leave a reply here or contact me inworld. Inworld would be better as i'm there most of the time and would be able to reply faster.
  12. Ah, thank you for this, it was very helpful. I have met Princess Celestia and seen the items to make her, just not the pony body for the princess types. I didn't think you HAD to have permission from Hasbro to make them as SL itself wouldn't be able to exist with all the copyright infringments that would rain down on their heads from all the items being made that just 'look' like someones RL product.
  13. I've been looking all over SL for the right pony body, the right mane and tail, eyes and all the other things that could go into a Princess Cadance pony avi. I've looked on the marketplace, Bronyvill, Canterlot and Trodsdale, and i've yet to find anything that could be used to make it. Seeing as i have no skills whatso ever in making my own items for the avi, i was wondering if someone could make it for me. How much it would cost and how long it would take to make it. If anyone could help me with this i'd greatly appreciate it.
  14. I just crashed, like five minutes ago and now I can't log back in. Is anyone else having this problem as well, or does SL just hate me?
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