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  1. Hello all. I am an Active resident of SecondLife and I have started up my Own Maid Services (Daisy Cleaners). They are strictly based on Roleplay and I'm def. looking for a fun way to earn some Extra Linden. (I am working on Getting some sort of Cleaning HUD to make things more realistic) but until then My RP skills will more than fill the Roll. (Note: I am a Furry and have a furry Avatar. That is who I am in SL; but if you do have a problem with it, just simply contact me and I can see what I can do) Please Visit my Website for Information ( I as well have Inworld Notecards incase you simply don't want to visit my website; But please Remember. My website has special Offers Every now and Again) ;] http://www.wix.com/battles01021991/daisycleaners
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