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  1. About 80% of the time, I play my avatar as a child - and I can't even begin to express the tremendous hurt and frustration I feel over the discrimination and prejudice against child avatars that is absolutely rampant in SL. It happens a dozen times a week; I was recently told that a woman wouldn't sell me a prefab house because my child avatar offended her. Just today, I was ordered to leave an arcade on a moderate sim. The place was abandoned, there was no adult content whatsoever, but the sim manager approached me and told me to change my shape or get out. Why??? I'm sorry, but I see absolutely no difference between this type of discrimination and the times I've been discriminated against (very, very few) due to my ethnicity in RL. Obviously, being a child avatar is sort of a choice, because I could choose an adult shape - but at the same time, it isn't. My avi is my inner child's free expression, and being forced to change it when the situaiton doesn't call for it at all is disturbing and discriminatory. I am so sick of moderate sims with no sexual or adult content whatsoever banning child avatars, either because of their own ignorance and prejudice, or because they don't understand the LL TOS at all. Has anyone else experienced this? I seriously feel unwelcome. My "alt" is a premium account - why am I paying to be treated like dirt??
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