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  1. I really appreciate anyone taking the time out of their day to answer this questions. HOWEVER, please read the description here entirely before doing so as it's frustrating and takes longer for anyone searching for the same answer to actually find the answer when things are having to be repeated countless times. I have tried to get rid of this hovering text that shows when the mouse is over a scripted game like no devil, but I am never able to find the solution. I'm using the newest update of Firestorm 5.1.7. My account is a little over 13 years old but I've only been playing actively for about 7 years. I only like firestorm viewer so I don't want to switch viewers. I've tried the shortcode, and turning off hovertips, but nothing works. One photo is of my settings and the other is of what hovering text I'm speaking of. The text box is not faded like that, it's just my computer sucks at taking screenshots of things that require using the keyboard or mouse as well. Thank you again for taking the time to read this and hopefully have some insight <3
  2. It says I'm not authroized to upload meshes yet, but then the link to take the test doesn't work either. Is there a direct link to this test?
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