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  1. I think It's so funny how the best way to stop a griefer is to just run away and let them win... Makes me want to never play second life again. I mean seriously that's the best answer for everything on this answers board for griefing and abuse. I get no auto replies for the lindens anymore when I file and there for have no idea if they even receive them. I'm in the wrong business helping new people I should just be a griefer like the rest if they don't care. I don't get it, why is the so hard to just get them to so something about some of these blatant attacks on the residents? It is really st
  2. I have a griefer attacking me and I have muted derendered and I can't just sit because I am not in this sim sit and I shouldn't have to run and hide. So I do what we are supposed to do and file a abuse report. I get no auto reply to any of the abuse reports I file on any of the many alt/bot/wtfe avatars i am reporting to my email. I have the correct email accound and i don't understand how else I can escalate this issue except to fight back. Why? Is linden labs even open anymore? How much money do I have to pay them to get this takene care of?
  3. I can't find the files to upload... I see them in my computer, but it says that they are in a the Qavimator folder in programs files folder and don't see them there when I go there..... Not to mention I can't get there from the upload menue on the second life. I am really confused about what is going on with my own computer at this point and I am wondering if anyone else has had this problem and can help me. All I do is make an animation, save it, change the file extenchen, and it says that it is in the data folder of the Qavimator folder, in the All Programs folder on the C drive. Anyways tal
  4. Don't even know if this is the write place to post this question... But anyways, I save a file to my computer for the Qavimator and it doesn't put it in the documents folder like EVERY single other file I EVER save on my computer... In fact is seems imposible to find ANY file i save using Qavimator and I have been trying for hours to up load animations.... Any help would be greatly apreashiated
  5. I have been getting crashed by a greiffer, and I don't understand how to find what is doing it or report this person at all. I was crashed repeatedly last night, and I couldn't even report the person fast enough and I even did a search from another sim. I felt like this guy had all the bases covered and I hate to think he could get away with this.
  6. After I was greifed the other day... This started to come after anyone said anything in local chat. (Translation failed: the parameter 'appId' must contain at least '16' characters Parameter name: appId) Note: I do not have a translator on to my knowedge, I check the worn items, current items and i changed back to my orignial avi. No body at help people island could help me, all they said was take the translator off. Am I missing something here? I just need to fix this please help.
  7. Yes!!! It can be lag... But, keep us posted as this has happened to more then a couple of people. If you make a reasonable attempt contact the seller, and no reply, you should get your lindens back. I know it can be frustrating cause I am dealing with the same thing currently. Best of luck and keep us posted
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