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  1. Hola a todos Saludos Irene, Ya pude arreglar el problema despues de tantos meses pasando lo mismo. En el foro que abri en ingles un tal Canoro me dio una idea de como hacerlo y funciono Estoy muy contento. Gracias a todos por sus consejos y su tiempo. Aca le dejo el post en ingles para los que tengan el mismo problema, puedan ver formas de como resolverlo. Saludos. http://community.secondlife.com/t5/General-Discussion-Forum/Lost-of-all-inventory-objects-LM-NC-Photos-Textures-Objects/td-p/1656277
  2. Don´t give up Faye, We were trying to fix this problem for more than three months ago, and now we could. Maybe someone here can help you. Just do not ever never give up. Hope is the last thing to go. Believe me =) Go ahead Faye, try to explain what happened and how it happened and what you did. Unless Linden Lab clean or erase all your inventory by a mistake, you should recover all your stuffs back. Wish you luck. Regards.
  3. Hi, Canoro Dude, you have saved my SL wife's life OMG!!! I´m so happy!!! She could recover everything changing the cache location. We are so much in debt with you. If you need any kind of help or just been friends we will be cheerful of. We are so grateful. Thank you Canoro and thanks to all ppl who gave me information and support. My very thanks We will see how the inventory behaves now. Bless you Canoro & bless u all =) Charly (casisa24)
  4. Hi Canoro, We have not tried that way before. I will let her know. If it works i will let u know =) Thank u very much Canoro. Bless!!!
  5. Hi Amethyst, I was considering that option. She has spent lot of dollars buying stuffs and always disappear cuz lost of inventory constantly. i will let her know about it. Thank you. Any other suggestion is accepted. Please if anyone know other way i have not tried let me know we will be very grateful. BLESS!
  6. Hi Innula, She only use SL linden lab Viewer. We have tried many times that way and nothing happened Thanks for your tips =)
  7. Something I forgot to say is that when things return we also have deleted many objects, folders, cleaned the trash, notes, etc. Someone told me that when you have many items, objetcs, folders, etc... things sometime do not arrive and also it can cause lost of inventory. Im not sure if its our case, I doubt it. but I bring it up.
  8. Again I open this post because after trying every possible way, could not fix this serious problem. Long ago my partner's account has had issues with inventory loss constantly. We have tried every possible way to solve this serious problem. As u can see in this post: http://community.secondlife.com/t5/General-Discussion-Forum/Inventory-issues-LOST-OF-INVENTORY/m-p/1475633 The problem is that my partner lose all of her inventory and later things just return but they soon disappear again and she could not make a claim ticket cuz she has basic account. (She also has issues with her e-mail cuz c
  9. Hola Irene, Entiendo. Voy a abrir otro post en ingles. Muchas gracias por tu ayuda. Eso que me dijiste lo voy a hacer, a ver si con eso ella puede acceder con su cuenta a la pagina web de secondlife. Es pocible que ese sea el problema por el cual no se puede loguear a la pagina web de SL, porque el correo esta cancelado. Te agradesco nuevamente tu preocupacion Irene, eres muy amable. Saludos, Charly (casisa24)
  10. Buenas tardes° Gracias Irene por responder, Irene, como puede una persona que no se puede loguear a la pagina web de secondlife con su cuenta, cambiar el e-mail de la misma? Y si esto es posible seria un gran error por parte de LL, porque cualquiera pudiera cambiarle la direccion de correo a otra persona. En cuanto a lo de la cuenta Basic tienes razon. No pueden ayudarla, aunque pudiera hacer el ticket. Es una pena... Muchas gracias Irene por tomar de tu tiempo y ayudarme, muy amable =) Saludos.
  11. Hace ya mucho tiempo la cuenta de mi pareja ha tenido problemas con perdida y recuperacion de inventario constantemente. Hemos tratado de todas las formas posibles que nos han dicho y que hemos averiguado por esta pagina oficial de second life solucionar este grave problema. El problema radica en que pierde todo de su inventario y luego le vuelven las cosas pero no tardan en volver a desaparecer y se la pasa en eso desde hace mucho tiempo. Las cosas duran mas para aparecer que para desaparecer y ella no ha podido hacer un ticket como reclamo a linden lab, porque no puede acceder a su cuenta de
  12. Hi, Same happend to my wife in SL, she can log to sl viewer but cant into SL webpage Since months ago. Sha has been trying a lot, cleaning browser cache, record, everything and this message appear when she try to log in "An error has occurred. Further information is available in the server log" If any of you guys can help us with this, i´ll be very grateful. Regards.
  13. Thank you very much ! I´ll do everything is possible to get her inventory back. If nothing work i´ll do what u said, a support ticket. If possible and do not mind, i´ll need the steps "how to make a support ticket". Thank you, regards !
  14. Omg, its sad to heard that, because it was the only option i had to help her getting back all stuffs. She has nothing but her lindens. The only thing still remaining its the lindens she had before this happened. This is so sad. This really disappoint me. She has bought many expensive things and everything was lost. I really hope someone can help me getting her stuffs back. This cant happen. Second life has to offer security to its users, i do not want to think she lost everything. In the top of that i can not help her as i want to, because she is thousands of kilometers from me. I really a
  15. HI, thank u for the replies. She has already clear the cache but still missing all her items in its inventory. As i told you a friend of mine gave me an option... Its about clearing the inventory cache. But i can not see that option in SL linden lab viewer. In phoenix that option its avalible but in SL linden lab viewer its not, i mean i can not see it. My question at first was, if any of u guys know How to clear INVENTORY cache using SL linden lab viewer. A friend told me about it was possible to clean the inventory cache. He use the phoenix viewer and the viewer has the option of clearing
  16. But remember she is using Second Life Viewer 3.3.0 in windows xp. That location its different. In SL 3.3.0. viewer its not that way. I´ll see the other opcion u gave me. But clearing inventory cache in SL 3.3.0. viewer does not go that way. Thank u very much for the replay. I appreciate it Regards!
  17. My SL wife lost everything in her inventory. That was today. She she tried to clear cache but still miss all her sttufs at the inventory. A friend told me about clear inventory cache, but she is using linden lab SL viewer, and i dont know how to do that in that viewer... So here comes the question... How can she clear the inventory cache using linden lab SL viewer? I´ll be very greateful if any of u guys can help us in this, because she is very upset and mad cuz lost of her inventory. At first we thought it was a hacker. But she still have her lindens, so that is not an option now. Best regard
  18. I want to know step by step how can i get marry in SL, where do i have to go, what do i need, all kinda stuffs about getting marry. Regards!
  19. I have been playing this game for more than 3 weeks and always working good. And now since today its giving me a headache without a reason. If any of u had this problem please make a comment. Thanks !
  20. I also have clear the cache and still not working. I could logged in for a minute but same message appeared.
  21. My firewall its ok its allowing SL voice
  22. Thanks man ill try but the game was working good yesterday it means my firewall its ok. But ill try it man. Thanks !
  23. I have uninstall the game and reintall it and it worked for 2 minutes but the same message appeared and logged me out. This is sad
  24. This is the IMG. By the way i have reset the modem even connect my laptop directly to the network cable and still does not work.
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