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  1. PeterCanessa Oh wrote: Power spike caused the failure? hopefully a wooden spike soaked in garlic.
  2. Amethyst Jetaime wrote: Filters have been tried where I live without much success. There are ways around them. They also filter out things that are not porn. For instance it filters out valuable medical information on breast and prostate cancer and sexually transmitted diseases etc., educational articles on reproduction in humans and animals. I don't advocate censorship on the web for adults anyway. That doesn't mean that minors shouldn't have their internet experience censored. Worked for a government department years and years ago that had a firewall so strict it blocked their own website (seriously...). As to pron filters blocking things that aren't, it's been tried at universities where it blocked medical encyclopedia showing body parts, because the images has a high percentage of skin tones in them Censoring (or better monitoring) childrens' access should of course be up to the parents, not some government bureaucrat spending his or her days creating lists of things that are "appropriate".
  3. jujmental wrote: Chic Aeon wrote: LL has historically not policed copyright infringement; they wait for a complaint from the RL company. And now under the new TOS it is questionable what happens after that. Erm, since LL now own all material in SL, then they have made themselves prime targets for litigious rl organisations, who will be able to sue them for their culpability - which makes a lot of sense to the latter, as LL both has money and cares about their reputation (although not much apparently). © The Judge uh, wrong. You've obviously either misread the TOS or are deliberately spreading lies. LL doesn't own "all material in sl", they have a right to distribute which they need to, you know, send it from the servers to viewers used by residents who're looking at that material in world. They follow many companies like Yahoo, Google, etc. etc. etc. in explicitly stating that right, for the sole reason to stop opening themselves to lawsuits by people like you who upload things to their service, then sue them for distributing it without a license.
  4. Winamp has free and non-free versions. The free version is severely restricted and afaik can't stream.
  5. Meia Cosmos wrote: Fast forward to the present, your only options for multi-simulator combat in Secondlife are the combat sandboxes, which are riddled with griefers,autokillers, and other types of sillyness, and the second interation of the so-called Combat Continent. First one failed due to politics. If the second one will survive the same politics, only time will tell. Which leads to the question. Would linden labs ever subsidize or otherwise support any sizable landmass for combat to take place on with LL Damage? Not really sure what their policies on community assistance is. which is exactly why there are no more combat sims except highly regulated roleplay communities. It invariably leads to drama, griefing, ganking, etc. etc. just like in any pvp combat related MMO out there.
  6. of course depending on what it is, he may not want to return them (and he can do that, estate manager can always return anything (maybe locked items are an exception, but I doubt it)). For example landscaping. If done tastefully, there's little reason for the new owner to want to change it if he wants to keep the theme of the sim. And if the story OP spins is correct, him blocking OP from the sim is a logical step precisely to prevent OP from taking back things the new estate manager wants to keep. There are of course ways around that. Make an alt, give alt permissions to edit your objects, then send in the alt and have her remove the stuff.
  7. Monti is right, full screen mode is implicitly exclusive mode. It has to be as the application takes total control over the video hardware. Resolution can be less than windowed, depending on how you configure it (or how it's automatically configured for you).
  8. same benefits you have owning mainland parcels, plus you no longer have to deal with the often weird shapes and sizes of those parcels. You also have the lowest price per prim in second life. And, depending on where it is, you may have fewer chances of getting ugly 100m, tall "privacy walls" all around your land put up by anti-social neighbours and land barrons trying to drive you out of your parcel by completely blocking access to it.
  9. Janelle Darkstone wrote: This isn't a bad thing. Trust me, I've been to the adult areas and some truly awful things happen there. Horrible things. and I've seen far worse happen in M and G rated sims, and very good things in A rated ones. By your logic thus we should all block all sims...
  10. also, many skyboxes come set up just so, and as a renter you can't change that. Rent a parcel and you typically have a lot more freedom (but read the rental agreement, there may well be rules about what you're allowed to place there). Also, if you have sl pets, many of them (especially those using pathfinding) have trouble in skyboxes as they're often designed in such a way as to block the navmesh.
  11. it should probably have been moved to another forum than the one it ended up in, but it was in the wrong place. Advertising your business (which you were doing) has no place in the general forums, and the one it was placed in comes closer than most.
  12. yes, it is a lot of that. But such play can end up in friendship which can end up in a long term relationship. Remember that you're not going to find your long term partner right there and then, where ever there and then is. It takes time to develop the trust, friendship, and respect for each other that's needed.
  13. SL holds new people very well, thank you very much. Whether it would hold the typical Steam user is another thing entirely, and the answer is quite possibly NO (the typical Steam user seems to download tons of things on trials or free versions, then delete after a few days). And of course, the typical Steam user is interested in games, often pvp centric games, that set specific goals to be reached often through combat. SL isn't that. The typical Steam user is also young, younger than the typical SL user who's required by the TOS to be >18 years old (or >16 with restrictions to G rated content only). As to enabling it, LL'd have to integrate their account database with Steam's, and that's the biggest hurdle of course. Not only different data being stored, but more importantly different countries and thus different laws dictating the sharing of that data, which is probably the biggest hurdle that'd have to be overcome (and what about duplicate data, people who have SL and Steam accounts...).
  14. Aethelwine wrote: The other options for couple dance ball servers are made by there in spirit, but they will cost about the same and you will need to buy dances for it anyway. which is not surprising as the effort needed to create them is pretty much the same... And for dances of course, the cost of creating good dances is not trivial, many of the best are created as mocaps from actual dancers hired for real money to perform in the studio, which also has to be paid for.
  15. no, you pay the transfer fee, which includes afaik an option to rename and move the region if performed at the same time. Setup fee is only for new regions (and the difference between the two is a big reason for people to buy sims from other residents, can save you hundreds of dollars).
  16. my guess (and I think that of the other responders) is that OP has an item that's mod/trans or fp, wants it retextured, but doesn't want to bother doing so herself (maybe insecure, maybe not handy with tools needed to make the textures, who knows).
  17. owner (and those they give rights to edit their stuff) can always kick you off by resetting the scripts in the chair Land officers for the sim can also kick you out of the sim, which'd kick you from the chair as those tend to reset themselves a few minutes after someone stands (usually there's some grace period to account for relogging after a crash). Just your regular visitor to the place? Nothing they can do except contact one of the above if they think you're abusing the thing (like on many places, there's a rule you're not allowed to be afk).
  18. yes, such places exist. But generally they don't advertise, and unless you run into some of the members and become friends with them you'll never find them. A good way is to hang out at places where the kind of people you'd like to be in a group with are likely to visit. D/s discussion groups, for example. OpenCollar HQ, Adult HUB BDSM, places like that. and oh, it helps if your online schedule matches that of the people you're going to be a family with
  19. given the traffic numbers I noted on those places when out of curiosity visiting a few last year (and the green dots visible on the map in those places while traveling the mainland) during off hours, yes. As a mod on a number of A rated sims, when a zero day avatar pops in on us there's a roughly 30% chance I'll get an im asking for sexual favours. That's twice the chance of a random friend request without even having greeted them yet, and about 5 times higher than the chance of them saying anything in local chat whatsoever. Luckily the majority are nice people who end up well behaved denizens of the grid
  20. Carl Thibodeaux wrote: If Lyle posts a topic. Must be important. But people tend to steal alot of accounts from what i seen around Christmas time. And then use the compromised accounts to advertise for them or scam others. And from you, If i remember right, at one time, someone was selling the Thirst hud on the marketplace. Anyone can steal accounts like that. Never know what things can steal your account now a days. Nobody can steal your account if you're simply wearing an item or rezzing something in world. They can steal your L$ IF you're stupid enough to accept the permissions dialog where the item asks for permissions to take L$ out of your account (a permissions dialog that LL deliberately made to look different, more alarming, than the regular one). And if they're targeting bloodlines users, that's because a lot of gullible people get suckered into bloodlines, so they're overall easy targets (bloodlines itself being dumped on a lot of newbies by scammers who go around newbie friendly sims, spamming bite requests, then telling the victims they have to send them L$ to get "cured" or to buy a bloodlines hud from them).
  21. Phil Deakins wrote: I was thinking more of billboards at the side of roads and such, but I's be more than happy with a full screen ad for 5 seconds during login and logout instead of having to pay the premium fee Not just during login and logout, but for the duration of the time you're logged in. Think of television commercials every 5 seconds on a television you can't switch to another channel. Would you still like it better than paying $7.50 a month for an ad-free environment?
  22. Verr Fjord has an active (though right now small) newbie friendly group. Port Haifa is well established and much older. Port of Ar is starting up, at the moment plagued by RL problems for some key people that's causing delays but there's a core there. I'm sure there are others out there as well.
  23. you might want to consider joining an existing tribe instead. There's already a massive overextension of Gor themed sims/groups, better for the entire community to increase traffic for what's there rather than splinter it even more.
  24. or he just started reading his monthly credit card statements, which until recently had gone to his wife who just divorced him...
  25. Phil Deakins wrote: Billboards are easy to ignore. Can we have those instead of premium fees, please? if you sign here to agree that you will get a full screen popup containing commercial messages that you can't click away for 5 seconds, every 5 minutes.
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