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  1. Ceka Cianci wrote: cuffley wrote: yes I get your point, what I mean then is having two avatars sharing the same account. hope that clears it what examples from other worlds would give a good idea of what you are talking about? i'm trying to think of other worlds or games that do something like this.. Guidwars 2 has a mix. There's an avatar specific inventory there, as well as an account inventory shared between avatars. And similar with items, you can have items that are trans between accounts, trans between avatars on an account, and soulbound to a specific avatar.
  2. ok, so it's something that changed between the versions of vivox in those 2 versions.
  3. 99.99995% chance that within 10 seconds of going life the first fake "reports" will start to appear, created by people who want to drive their competitors (or even the people they stole content from) out of business.
  4. as husband and wife team, the logical solution seems to make one account shared between you two, and use that for the store. Though technically maybe a TOS violation, it's common practice for people in permanent relationships.
  5. it has everything to do with what was posted. You're assuming LL is responsible for making sure you pay your income tax. LL is not, you are and only you. Your attitude is a typical one however in this "modern" society where people feel whatever they do, someone else must always be responsible rather than them. So now you're holding LL responsible for your tax evasion.
  6. listings for past events never change. And seeing old listings for places that move, often together with new ones, for a while is common too. The new listing is added, the old one stays until it times out.
  7. there's quite a few places selling robes/gowns for Gorean Free Women. Maybe the often semi-medieval look isn't for you, but they definitely aren't revealing For F's Sake are good, and Vigo creations. Or look at Creative Chaos (but cheaper usually). Would give more places (including some more modern ones) but not in world right now and no access to my list of landmarks. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/22769/203/164/30 http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Marsco/68/68/393 http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/coldLogic/46/110/23 http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Eleven/56/64/22
  8. it can still happen, but is much rarer now. IF it happens, it's now because of attachments (rather than clothing layers) being out of synch between viewer and server (attachments are not covered under the SSA implementation). Ask them to relog, that usually clears things. Or relog yourself, that can also help (if you're the only one seeing it).
  9. well, quite a few merchants now exist only on the marketplace and have no in-world store... But the advise to find the creator through the place of purchase (whatever it may be) is a good one, you have to admit.
  10. I have alts so I can have multiple avatars logged in at the same time. Multiple avatars on the same account, only one of which can be in world at the same time, is therefore useless to me. And multiple avatars on the same account, both of which can be logged in at once, hmm, I foresee trouble. Also, how could this reflect in ownership of items? Right now the owner and creator of something are shown including account name and display name. If you had multiple separate avatars, separate individuals with each their own (I suppose) groups, contacts, etc. etc., that whole system comes crashing down. You'd need to start redoing the entire account system so the avatars are truly separate entities, and the account name (which is now the avatar name and always shown) is no longer displayed at all. Which'd lead to all kind of trouble as display names can now be duplicated (I know at least a dozen Kittys for example, quite a few Dinas, etc. etc.). Or alternatively, you'd do as you do now, use outfits to save different looks for yourself.
  11. IZHRAH wrote: So you mean its impossible to get the exact max prims if the sim is divided into multiple parcels? I also noticed that when I manually chceck each parcel's max prim then total them together since its a full region I am expecting 15000 prims but what I get is 14996. not impossible, just unlikely. It's theoretically possible to not see the rounding error depending on the exact shape and size of the parcels.
  12. running firestorm on 3 machines, I experience that on only one of them (but not consistently, if it crashes it seems to crash while starting FS, and does that every other time or so at most). So a lot of SL users probably never have the crashing vivox client. And as I don't use voice (rarely I turn it on to listen in when modding a place, but that's it) I don't care one way or another.
  13. If your laptop has an Intel and AMD card (which my Dell has), use the AMD tools to force the machine to use the AMD card to run your SL viewer. I did that and the flashing (and crashing) went away instantly. Performance also more than doubled.
  14. just because someone's not online doesn't mean they're no longer in any of the groups they joined... And you can have your profile show you as offline at all times (even though you're online), groups in that case would still show you as online and so would your friendlist.
  15. yes, if you're a regular some sims allow you to join up and you'll get some prims to use for a fee (bit of rent). This is common in sailing communities, not sute how driving groups handle it.
  16. Bazar has some great beds. PILOT too. Dekute Dekore has nice mesh furniture, haven't tried their beds though. ArchDemon too, nice stuff. Expensive. Trompe Loeil, great mesh products. But again, not tried their beds (they look good). TNT I don't really like, they're unrealistically large (nice if you're a couple of 10 foot giants maybe).
  17. most land will have an autoreturn timer set. Your car will be returned if you leave it parked for more than that time. Only way around it is to be in the group that owns the land (usually) and have the right role in that group (as then the autoreturn doesn't apply to you).
  18. preferences->general->view display names
  19. Pussycat Catnap wrote: PeterCanessa Oh wrote: So - walk on by if you want to, LL don't want to bother. AR if you feel you must. If you think the images are actually illegal rather than just misplaced in SL then contact the RL police. If the photos are of RL underaged people, then having even been withing range for SL to download them into your cache makes you guilty of a felony crime in the USA - even if you did not desire to download them. They should be AR'd, but understand that being the person to AR it means admitting you saw it - which itself is a felony crime. Even the Linden who goes there to delete it commits a felony in so doing by virtue of having to download it in order to reach it. If not of RL underage, then the OPer's wording is a bit confusing. actually, AFAIK RL photos of nude minors are not illegal RL (at least in the US, Iran might be a different story), depending on context. You're OK for example to have pictures of your kids in the bath tub playing with soap bubbles.
  20. Christin73 wrote: What I want to know is if there is no nudity in M rated sims then why do I see some strip clubs in M rated sim? nudity is fine, sex is not. Neither are rl nude photos and movies (probably to ensure nothing slips in that someone might consider pornographic, which sadly blocks a lot of tasteful non-pornographic nude photos from M rated land). And of course all that goes out the door when the venue is not public. If you have your private estate which is M rated and you have it set to restricted access you can basically do whatever you want there.
  21. do you think RL porn studios pay for the "enhancement" surgery their actors have performed on themselves?
  22. Jamiee Daines wrote: Well then these sleazy people are selling like 4500 prims on a Homestead SIM There are some grandfathered regions with prim bonuses, but they're few and far between (and most of them are mainland regions). Most likely those people are just misguided and misunderstanding prim count and land impact, but they could indeed be sleazy (just as many rental agencies still advertise to have "only regions on class V servers" when there are no more server classes linked to any specific region).
  23. Last I looked, something like 2 weeks. But if it's indeed until the next billing cycle, it's on average 2 weeks but could be anywhere from a few minutes to a month.
  24. Marigold Devin wrote: steph Arnott wrote: Pay someone real monies to monitor the forums for spam after all these forums are for the benefit of LL. There are enough people who would de-spam the forums for free - after all it would save stress/time to be able to click/off the spam while answering the queries. You can even tell which avatar is most likely to spam just by looking at the list of avatars logged into the forums, without having to have fancy schmancy software. The spammers always know exactly when there is no moderator looking in. However, LL mistrusts the lot of us (they don't even seem to trust their own team judging by how easily they've let previous Linden people go :matte-motes-sour: ) Anywhere I've ever visited that had community moderators and wasn't an extreme niche with a very small community (where the moderators effectively had little else to do but settle disputes between members and occasionally removing an accidental duplicate post) those community moderators ended up grossly abusing their power almost the instant the program was created. LL mistrusts residents to be moderators here for a very good reason, and that's the one. The moment most of the people who want to do the job get the powers they're going to start editing posts they don't like to read different, changing things around so the post is now in violation of the TOS and reason to ban the original creator.
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