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  1. worse, IP bans et. al. have a very high false positive rate. You're banning someone in an internet cafe, you're banning that internet cafe in its entirety, and maybe all their other venues as well. Ban someone living in a student dorm, you're banning the entire campus. Ban some kid trolling from his bedroom, you're banning his parent who've no idea what little Joe is up to when he should be asleep. Under LL's official policy, all avatars are separate and to be treated as such. Acting against one as if it were an alt of another is against the TOS and can get your account suspended.
  2. Janelle Darkstone wrote: .........if no criminals show up, would you really need police? Just curious. can always invent crimes to ensure there's a steady supply among the general population who're blissfully unaware they're criminals until they feel the handcuffs snap closed around their wrists...
  3. yes, and anyone trying to get laws about child porn (or indeed anything related to child abuse) or racial discrimination more sensible commits political suicide. His/her opponents in the next election cycle will blast the voters with messages about how candidate XXX is "not tough on child abuse" and "wants to give sexual predators a free ride", ending with "vote for me, it's FOR THE CHILDREN". As a result 7 year old kids end up on the "sex offenders' registry" for going behind a tree to pee when they can't hold it any longer, or for kissing each other in the school yard.
  4. It's not so much a restriction on bots per se as limits on LSL intended to stop scripted objects from overloading the servers by sending messages too quickly (mostly greeters sending messages to arrivals in a sim). The effect this has on spam bots is secondary but very welcome (though I seriously doubt any bot would spam a single group with that many messages that rapidly, I've certainly never seen it).
  5. SL saved my life, literally. I was borderline suicidal, friends in SL helped me get over that. Doesn't get much more positive than that.
  6. JustBecauseICanBeFriendly wrote: However if you want to see what information agencies have about you; you can request an release of information under the U.S.C. 552a Ideally, this could be solved by allowing users to select which information they don't want to legally disclose to companies upon registeration. An web standard if you will. However it would be extremely difficult to regulate a billion sites and enforce that law upon them when many aren't located in the US or other countries. Also keep in mind that almost all countries in the world have some sort of monitoring program in place; you just don't hear about them because they haven't been yet exposed. Hope this helps. Well, the agencies can then decline to release that information, claiming unspecified "national security implications". And it gets worse when things get international. If a German user subscribing to a Swedish ISP with its switches in Denmark connects to a Canada hosted website owned by a US based company through a router in the UK owned by a French network operator, what country's law applies to the data and why? (and yes, such things happen).
  7. yes, when looking for a piece of seaside last year I found a 200x20m parcel set for the fantastic price of L$999 per meter.
  8. indeed, and it is well known to happen anywhere such systems are implemented. It's in part (big part?) what killed the old "vote boxes" that sim owners could place (and some still have).
  9. Might be the estate manager reduced the count. Don't know about club users being high lag, guess it depends on the club (and most of them have high lag malls, greeters, particle emitters, and other items like disco balls and lights of their own that add far more lag than all but the worst avatars). Of course if the club is popular enough, it could still fill up even a higher visitor limit, though it they were that popular I'd expect them to have a full region of their own.
  10. Christin73 wrote: someone tried pulling an extortion scam the other day on a friend of mine. They claimed threatend to get my friend banned if they didnt give them L$. So there is something like that going around. just have to not trust people. people still fall for that one? Oldest trick in the book, used to get that all the time on IRC back in the '90s.
  11. the only thing in my "rl profile" is a statement that I'm not sharing rl information except with very close friends. And that's not people I met last night, thank you very much.
  12. of course even if the club were to try to limit their visitor numbers, that doesn't mean they can do so, or that doing so will mean you can always enter your parcel ( but wow, a club that every night gets so many visitors that a full region is shown as full is extremely successful, that's 100 visitors regularly for extended periods, most clubs would be happy with 20% of that). Even if they only see 80, the region might still show as full because of ghost avatars (for several minutes, can be up to 10 or more in laggy situations, an avatar that's left a region may still be seen as being in the region by the system). Of course there are tools to limit the total number of avatars that can enter a region below the official limit of 100, but those are region wide, not per parcel, so your landlord can do little to enforce anything. It's a shortcoming in the region and parcel tooling, but there you have it.
  13. Syo Emerald wrote: Czari Zenovka wrote: I'm still trying to wrap my head around all this happening in 3 weeks and 24 days. I was still trying to figure out how to walk without bumping into things when I'd been on SL for 3 weeks. I wasn't bumping into stuff after 3 weeks, but hell...I was still fighting with not looking like a personification of the freebie galaxy. And the rest of the time I was camping for some L$. Some people are so desperate "for love" that they'll make do with those who can't yet walk around in a straight line and look like a freebie galaxy Usually it's others who are the same too. Helping run an A rated sim cluster on the destination guide we get them right off the welcome island.
  14. just an attention whore... Anyone wanting to do serious harm with real information like that would do so without telling you about having the information...
  15. Xcept Atlas wrote: Ok.. so you don't believe RT because, "They're Russians!" , well, it's time to wake up. Because it's also CNN that is reporting it, the guardian and ever other quasi reputable news source out there. The links follow.. Xcept Atlas RT is not to be trusted as the sole or primary source of news, unless it's a press release by the Kremlin. In this case though they seem to have got their facts basically right, no doubt because reality really is stranger than fiction in this case...
  16. Self replicators are no problem either, as you can turn off object entry. Sadly this also blocks legitimate uses of people sending things into your region, like people trying to fly, drive, or sail their vehicles through it peacefully. But for the duration of you fighting a griefer it can do wonders. Once you identify the griefer object, AR it with a screenshot and LL are usually quick to respond (depending on time of day, and how many griefer attacks are underway at that moment and need their action of course, but I've had them respond in minutes more than once to delete such things from parcels bordering my own). Sadly some of their people seem less dedicated than others and may close tickets without investigating them (especially the night and weekend crews, whom I suspect have been outsourced to some foreign country), but that's no different from any other company out there.
  17. Czari Zenovka wrote: Which reminds me that I met someone recently who said that IW is "catching up" with SL. Ummmmm...ok. it is, it's dead Checked it out. Inworldz has as many total accounts as are logged in on SL on a slow moment. And they don't AFAIK filter bots out of their account numbers.
  18. Pussycat Catnap wrote: You're too late. SL has been dead for years. This website is really just a figment of your imagination. SL never existed. It died in pre-beta. After all, people said so on the internet... It's not just the website that's a figment of your imagination. You yourself are a figment of your imagination, just like the rest of us, we're all figments of our own imagination.
  19. scammers will be scammers... Good chance you'll never get your L$. If you do get them, good chance they're leeched from hacked accounts. That's the same way most goldsellers operate in MMOs as well btw, the gold they sell either doesn't exist at all or was stolen in the first place. There's very few where farming for it is so quick and cheap that it pays to employ armies of kids/bots to do it for you (and fewer still where it's allowed), and in those most of the population has so much gold they can farm themselves the inflation has made the amounts you'd need to farm to meet demand too high to employ such tactics.
  20. I've seen it on both mainland and estates, but estates are more likely to have smaller, less experienced, and often less affluent estate agents. These have more trouble covering the revenue loss of a fallow parcel, and may as a result be more desperate (and often more pushy) to rent it out. That said, the most pushy agency I've seen in this regard is one of the mid-sized ones. Though they usually do take no for an answer (I keep running into them visiting old landmarks, just telling them that tends to stop them with an apology and sometimes even a new landmark if the previous tenant moved to a place they know about), they do tend to im people entering the parcel for rent/sale within sometimes second of you entering it.
  21. jwenting


    recent items is not so much a folder as a preset filter over your inventory that only shows things added to it recently (last 24 hours I think it is). See the top of your inventory window.
  22. I've a friend who was male rl when she started in sl and now is female rl. How does that count in your dataset? :matte-motes-sunglasses-1:
  23. tempted to sign up and submit a picture of Jimmy Carter as my "RL picture" and create a cybernetic furry avatar
  24. Ah, the "SL killer du jour". Every time someone starts to create one SL gets another lease on life as people realise how bad the competition is in relation to SL.
  25. all of the above, plus just because you think your clothes "aren't half bad" does not mean the customers agree with that.
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