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  1. yes, primary level owners (or maybe just the physical owner of the collar, I'm not 100% certain on that) can change the prefix, as well as the control channel.
  2. JRhapsody wrote: I guess it's about where to look for what I want then. So far all I've seen in stores is stuff for women. it is true that there is more content available for women's bodies (and clothes) than men's, but it does exist. I helped a new player get set up at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Freebies%20SunLand/250/213/63 he now looks quite nice Not as good as buying commercial grade shape, skin, and clothes, but not bad for for stuff. I'm sure there are many more such places, I'm pretty new myself and must admit I've never really looked for them (the few I know I stumbled across or were shown me by others).
  3. Celestiall Nightfire wrote: Perrie Juran wrote: I always find it odd that friends or family will pat or rub a woman's stomach and say, "Congratulations," but no one does that to the guys member and says, "Good job." Hmm, I think you've just pointed out how sexist our society is toward men. In an effort to bring equality to our society, the next time I see a man who is an expectant father, I will make sure to give his crotch several nice pats and rubs, while saying, "Good job!" and "Congratulations!". *beams* I'd rather call it puritan and repressive. We're (generally speaking) scared out of our wits to show or see genitals, while at the same time (and likely as a direct result) being obsessed by them. The US are worse in that than many other places (though some countries and cultures of course take it to extremes, considering any skin at all to be sexually arousing and banning its display. The whole "nipplegate" affair is a primary example of that, a (I'll reserve judgment as to whether it was deliberate) mere 2-3 seconds of seeing someone's nipple on national television leading to lawsuits and legal proceedings lasting for years. That kind of thing leads directly to the excesses we notice in virtual worlds like sl, where more than a few otherwise sane people walk around with genitals that are to say the least excessive in size. Those who have a more openminded attitude consider that gross, or at best laughable. Of course were you to rub the woman's crotch rather than her tummy you'd probably get weird looks too :smileywink:
  4. sometimes, keep in mind, profiles (and other things) can be very slow to load. I've tried to look at peoples' profiles for updates that I know have info only to have to wait several minutes for the screen to fill.
  5. Jennifer Boyle wrote: But one can choose in viewer preferences what levels one wants to see. Even someone who is age-verified, like me, can uncheck "M" and "A.' And I think the default is "G" only. default is G only for those under 18, G+M for those 18 and over. If 18+ AND age verified, the option to unlock A becomes available in your client.
  6. JaedenDelanaire wrote: I'm curious: when you are buying clothes for your avatar, what is the main deciding factor for deciding to purchase? Is it because it is a specific style you enjoy, or is it because you feel your created avatar would specifically choose it him/herself? Do you buy something because a specific brand makes it? Does it need to be flawless quality / a fully meshed item? Brand: irrelevant. I decide purchases based on weighing price/quality/availability. What my avatar likes is what I like in sl, as in sl I AM my avatar. That may mean buying something of lower quality that's a lot cheaper and/or more to my liking than something of top quality. JaedenDelanaire wrote:Do you buy an outfit because you're trying to impress the opposite sex, or because it impresses you? What themes do you try to go for? Quirky? Cutesy? Or dark and expressive?Perhaps you just like buying a wide variety of things so you can mix and match unique setups in your inventory? I buy things to fit my role that catch my eyes. Given the life I have in sl, that's stuff that for the most part won't do discussing in a GP forum (though not too extreme, I've several outfits that won't be misplaced in GP sims, unless maybe one takes offense at seeing any skin at all, or seeing the body covered in form fitting latex) Mostly I go for things that accentuate the beauty of my avatar, and/or are simply practical for the sims I live. That does mean I spent quite a bit on my body rather than that which (somewhat, in many outfits) covers it. JaedenDelanaire wrote:Personally, I buy outfits if I feel my RP character, Jaeden will wear them--and only if. This means I've bought a lot of pastel and 'cutesy' things that I would have otherwise passed up as being too "Barbie-ish." However, there are one or two times where I've built up an OOC outfit just for pure fun out of very cheap clothes just to match up a 'Candy-goth' style. I'd buy cheapish stuff to visit sims with a completely different theme from my usual hangouts, or go to a quality freebie store and browse the shelves there. Apart from that what I own is all IC.
  7. It's life, not a game Define your goals, try to achieve them, if you call that winning you've won. For me, I "win" if I have a pleasant time without upsetting others, isn't that what we're all trying to have after all?
  8. Sorsha36 wrote: Thank you for that info. It is just as I thought it might be, but it is good to know for sure. The people who play the child avi's have been adult verified & play as the king's children. He told me that they are regulated to the castle area (and they have other sims to play in) unless accompanied by him or a trusted member of his family. They would be restricted as well as protected & the enjoyment for the adults to belong to an adult sim would not be hindered. Sounds fine. If the kids are restricted (with those avatars) to areas where no sexual play is performed, it'd be no different from parents having sex in their bedroom with the kids in their own next door
  9. Reaos Heartsdale wrote: yeah i can agree with that, what were some of your favorite places you been too? Omg and death threats? I mean ive heard of groups operating from sl to rl, but ive never really heard of them taking action on it oO. hope nothing happend to ya haven't been in sl long enough to really have "favourites". Found a very nice nudist resort island to set my home and hang out, dance, etc.. Nuda Veritas it is, probably the one place I visit more often than any other. But it's not much of an rp sim, unless you're roleplaying a nudist woman who doesn't mind men enjoying her presence No, nothing happened after the death threats. I'm having some problems with vandalism to my house and car lately, but that's years later and the threats came from literally halfway around the world so I doubt it's related.
  10. Also check whether you have another, competing, AO active. The ZHAO I guess you mean for example conflicts with the OC subbie hud (which includes its own walking animations at a higher priority), as well as some (many?) dancing huds. First try to disable all other huds and aos, then see if the one you want works. When it does, enable the others you want one by one until it no longer works and you've found the culprit.
  11. MoiselleErin Teardrop wrote: Don't forget that this is SL, your avatar does not have to look like the RL you. Let us face it - while most SL avatars are either beautiful or buff, do you think the operators are that sexy? I know mine is way prettier than RL me. And don't remind the often excessively large breasts and other genitalia people elect to employ. Might depend on zone and time of day of course.
  12. Charolotte Caxton wrote: I would say that I love the inworld experience much more than the marketplace. However, MP does have its uses, such as if I need to specifically narrow down what I am searching for quickly. Unless I am already familiar with the store, finding a specific item inworld can take time. ig is like going to the mall to browse, mp like going to Amazon I usually end up either checking the mp when I stumble upon a store or visiting a store when I see something in the mp. Both tend to have things (even from the same vendor) that the other lacks. mp could be better though. E.g. I'd love to be able to search for much more fine grained categories, maybe some tagging system where the reseller can more closely describe that item as a gold jeweled nipple chain rather than "**bleep** and nipple jewelry" which tends to end up with a lot of things I don't want when shopping for something highly specific. But still better than having to visit a dozen stores several times while trying to remember what each item looked like before making a purchase decision
  13. Knutz Scorpio wrote: braylasana wrote: Use the MP as a search engine, then go visit the store inworld. Many clothiers go to great lengths to provide an inworld shopping experience. Also, inworld vendors are more sophisticated and reliable than the marketplace is. Agreed, just want to add if they don't have an inworld store where you can go see the item close up before buying it be very cautious about buying it. MP is a great place to get scammed, I've seen freebies listed in MP multiple times by different people at different prices. I've also seen freebies stripped of their "no copy, no transfer" offered specifically for retail as "store starter packs" in some freebie stores.
  14. braylasana wrote: Use the MP as a search engine, then go visit the store inworld. Many clothiers go to great lengths to provide an inworld shopping experience. Also, inworld vendors are more sophisticated and reliable than the marketplace is. I wouldn't say reliable, but there's often more choice, and you get to see different places (maybe even a competing store next door with products that appeal to you more). Also, quite a few resellers will offer goods at slightly lower prices ig than through the mp. Might be that the MP charges a percentage, I don't know. One disadvantage of especially the very large ig shops is that it can be hard to locate an item you know you want, rather than just browse. Hugo's for example you can literally spend hours browsing the collection. The MP is in those cases easier, as things are presented in a tabular way and you have a search function for item name (hint for the scenery designers, what about a sort of store directory where you can enter keywords and it gives you some pointer to that section of the store).
  15. indeed. Or, if your friends are all or mostly in the same groups as you, put all your other avatars into those groups as well (or don't, if you create others for when you want to be something completely different, with no link to your other personae, of course).
  16. A week after starting my account, while logged in, I get a survey asking me why I had quit using second life :) Hint, suggestion, misdirected mail, or just an out of control mailbot, who can tell :matte-motes-nerdy:
  17. To avoid being burned, a safe way (using opencollar as an example, others have similar features) is to always set yourself as a higher level owner than your dom. If a dom can't respect that, certainly in the earlier stages of your relation, I'd not trust them to respect your boundaries. I was told, and so far it works, to do as follows (this for opencollar and their cuffs, may be different for other brands): - set yourself as primary owner, any dom(me)(s) you play with as secondary owners - no autocapture on (setting this on would allow anyone to become secondary level owner temporarilly, fun for some kidnap play maybe but wouldn't want to have it on fulltime) - keep collar and cuffs locked unless needed so others can't lock them against you. many freebies around Look for "temple of the collar", in Keraxic, for opencollar. Big selection of collars and matching cuffs. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Keraxic/13/242/23 good support community. As with everything that can take control away from you: do read the manual! and p.s. you'll need an rlv enabled viewer as well, and an RLV relay (some collars have one built in, depends on software version). RLV Viewer (http://www.erestraint.com/realrestraint/) works for me, but there are others.
  18. Everyone rps in sl, you have to almost I never assume what people do reflects their rl persona, not even when they say as much. Most people I meet come to sl to play out lifestyles they'd like to follow irl but for whatever reason can't (be it mental, physical, or opportunity). With lifestyle comes a persona, how close to your irl persona that is will vary greatly between players. Some have an sl persona very close to their irl persona, for others the difference is like night and day (and that may mean different sex, race, even species, not just physical and mental traits). Many people seem to think the only way to rp is to create some fantasy, that people in more reality based sims aren't rp'ing. This isn't true, there's as much rp there as there is anywhere, it's just more subtle (less distinct from what rl COULD be, not necessarilly IS for the player) and thus harder for an outsider to distinguish. As to people freaking out when you make an ic mistake, you meet such people everywhere, sl or rl. Usually they're the same people who also refuse to help newcomers, and later complain when their communities die because there aren't enough newcomers. Unless they're the leaders of a sim, or in the majority there, just avoid them and (if they get too obnoxious) report them to the sim owners. I've had however more trouble myself with people who can't separate ooc and ic and wil harass you ooc because of ic statements (including in one extreme case death threats against my irl persona). As to people dropping in and out, that's what happens in online communities, especially ones where there's no monetary presure (no subscription fees that is) to hang around. If you have to pay for 3 months in advance, most people consider it a waste of money to not hang around that long, and if it's fun will continue to do so. Here, many will want to get a quick taste of things, decide it's not for them before they really get to know it, and quit or move on to some other sim. And the more complex the rp is, and the less eager the regulars to help newcomers, to accept them and ease them into it, the more likely a sim is to have a high turnover rate of new arrivals feeling unwelcome and leaving again.
  19. it's annoying, and I'd not buy their product because of it even if it did look nice in the demo and screenies. I think it's done under the assumption that most people would just use the demo instead of the commercial version, or want outfits solely for a few screenshots before never using them again (true for freebies, but I for one am not going to spend hundreds or thousands on an outfit without carefully weighing whether I'll use it more than occasionally).
  20. I do sometimes get a feeling that at least half the adult avatars are oversexed teens, especially those with grossly out of proportion genitalia (not counting the few specific cases where it's done as part of a d/s body modification/dollification scenario, but that's such a rare fetish I doubt it's more than a small percentage of cases, and usually those people are dedicated to their dom(me)s and not sexing around). As said, you can't tell from the size and shape of a toon who's behind the screen on the other end, but do consider that sexual intercourse with a minor is an offense, and in many countries images of minors in sexually charged situations (even if fictitious, like SL or even manga cartoons) is considered child pornography and carries long prison sentences and lifetime social stigmas (even the assumption/accusation can be enough to destroy a person's life, no conviction needed). So stay well away from child avs in adult content (and the seedier side of mature content as well).
  21. MuffinUnsane wrote: Report him. Sadly, there's not much you can do in terms of FBI and such. Unless he's targeting actual underage girls there won't be much of a case. unless the laws have laxed or are vastly more lax in the US than they are in Europe, that's not the case. People can be arrested and convicted for pedophilia and child porn for the posession of drawings and 3D renderings of underage persons in sexually arousing situations or poses. This is a real problem for law enforcement, as the definitions are so broad that even a picture of a child (including your own) in swimwear at the pool or beach can now be considered child porn if a police officer or judge wants to come down hard on you for some reason
  22. 16 wrote: jwenting wrote: Didn't help I guess I never even got to the start island, the client crashed right after character creation and when I logged back in I was somewhere random on the mainland. welcome to Sl jwenting (: it gets even more random the more times you log. after a time you nott ever want to leave. just like the rest of us (: hehe. Meant it randomly transferred me to a zone that wasn't where I was supposed to end up, missfiring teleporter or something. Made me miss out on things like the movement tutorial, which was a bit of a pain.
  23. One reason new players quit is because they're completely lost the moment they leave the start island (I know I am, lol). Having people actually help you rather than giving you wrong or misleading "advise" deliberately helps a lot in getting them to stick around. Still haven't got a clue as to what to do, how to eventually support myself, etc. but having fun just exploring places, seeing the sights so to speak. It's hard to make friends if you don't know anyone, don't know who you can trust and who to be wary of (as in real life, the people who seem nicest may be the bad guys, but are you being paranoid assuming that or not?). Didn't help I guess I never even got to the start island, the client crashed right after character creation and when I logged back in I was somewhere random on the mainland.
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