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  1. Thinkerer Melville wrote: The IP address may be banned, but most users can get a new IP address by turning of the modem for a few minutes. or simply pinging the anonymous proxy they no doubt go through... And then someone else finds themselves blocked instead. Which is the main reason IP bans are generally not used any more anywhere at all.
  2. Orca Flotta wrote: I even pay for killing enemies I am a normal person who loves next sl LOL, that makes absolutely zero sense. A normal person wouldn't pay for killing their enemies ... fuk, a normal person wouldn't have enemies in the first place! everyone has enemies, but most people don't have enemies that they'd want dead... And even those who secretly dream about their enemies ending up dead, most will not go around trying to make that happen, and of those that do, most aren't going to write about it on some website... nubko seems a rather sick individual, not just a thief but a homicidal maniac as well.
  3. I went with Royal. Looks good, not chatty, relatively easy to fit and tint, and relatively cheap. Maybe there's "better" out there, but those are excellent value for money for the little use I get out of them.
  4. I guess that'd depend on how far along in the transformation process you're wanting your resulting avatar to be. Though to the best of my knowledge the base male shape is already a modified base female shape so technically you're starting from female no matter what you do
  5. if any troll or griefer could spam intellectual property theft reports "on behalf of the real owners" against residents, each of which would have to be investigated and acted up as potentially real in case LL missed a real one and got held liable by the actual owners, not only would thousands of content creators and innocent customers end up banned from SL every day, LL would be seriously overloaded and incapable of doing anything but investigating those reports. Not a good idea at all. The current system is a good compromise. If you're suspicious about something that you think is owned by a 3rd party, contact that third party and they can handle it themselves. I've actually done so once or twice in case of blatant violations on a large scale and it works. You might even get a reward.
  6. Innula Zenovka wrote: Syo Emerald wrote: Nobody has said its a good thing to go into a sex club, when being a childavatar. The whole thread here is about something totally different, but I guess you didn't bother to even read the OP. As for your general opinion: I disagree, expect for the sexclubs. Behind those avatars are still adult users, who should be able to go to some musicclub and listen to their favorite singer or DJ. However, rightly or wrongly, the presence of child avatars on an adult sim sometimes worries owners about where the child avatars might end up, and cand also make other visitors and staff uncomfortable. That's the reason many adult sims ban child avatars altogether -- after all, if you want to go to a club to listen to your favourite singer, it's surely no great hardship to do it using an adult avatar. it's far worse. Child avatars are being used to blackmail sim owners, or try to get them banned. People make one on a throwaway account, go into an A rated sim, use the sex toys, make screenshots, and file an AR against the sim owner. Rince and repeat witrh a number of avatars and the sim owner is in serious trouble with LL. Friend of me has experienced that who owns a number of A rated sims, and we now have a policy of banning child avatars, a policy that's announced to all incoming visitors. LL no longer bothers us, the child avatars still try to sneak in though. On the other end of the spectrum, there are people so completely obsessed with child avatars they have utterly insane definitions of what those may be. And that includes defining anyone under 2m tall as a child avatar, and in one case I experienced myself anyone without mesh boobs inflated to their maximum size was banned as a child avatar. Both come from a perverted misreading of the LL guidelines for determining what a child avatar actually is.
  7. Innula Zenovka wrote: Certainly people can't display homophobic or racist signs in SL , or wear them , or harass people because of their sexual orientation or whatever, then please explain the large number of overtly racist sims. Black supremacist groups and sims, black slave breeding places, etc. etc. abound and thrive, and have for years. There's even a thriving underground of Nazi roleplay groups, though I'm not sure how accepted those are with LL (they might just regularly reform after being shut down once again).
  8. If you had actually read any of the books, you'd have noticed there is not a single mention of homosexual behaviour in them. So a silky boy would be a lust object for some female owner, NOT a male owner. A male owner would throw that boy in chains and put them in a mine or on the oars of a ship, or if he's lucky have him pull a plow with the bosk. Yes, there is "gay gor" but that's decidedly NOT BTB Gor. If you want to be a male slave in true Gorean roleplay, expect to be treated harshly, with great disdain and disregard for your comforts and wishes.
  9. remember that if you sell it, you will still have it (and pay for it) until such a time as somoene actually buys it.
  10. ObviousAltIsObvious wrote: You're right, the price tag icons are missing on adult land. I don't have a fix for you, but can confirm it's really broken. since when? Must be very recent indeed. More likely you're confused about buying and renting land. A lot of land on Zindra is not for sale, it's owned by a big land barron who rents it out at exorbitant fees, or alternatively will offer to set it for sale to you at even more excessive amounts.
  11. if you have a multi button mouse, turn on right click action on the right button. If not, action-click simulates right clicking.
  12. Zyngo is gambling, casinos don't like winners. People win in casinos, they're quietly worked out the door. In SL that means being kicked out of the region and/or group, and banned if you return. RL that means you find your courtesy room suddenly has no hot water, room service is late and the complementary burgers overcooked, the fries soggy, the wine at the wrong temperature, and cola dead, the toilet in the neighbouring room suddenly so loud you can't sleep (and the person in it apparently has diarrhea all night long).
  13. KarenMichelle Lane wrote: My favorite anachronism is my beautiful bathroom set complete with a luxurious crows-foot bath & animations. It even has an overhead tank toilet that for some reason my male friends will find and use from time to time. So I included an Easter egg for them to find when they choose to sit there. A sinful picture of Dita von Teese fan dancing on the privacy wall. That's a rather prude picture of Ms. van Teese Never quite sure what people see in someone that skinny, she looks like she needs some more meat on the bone
  14. At least he's not looking to represent the nativity as a political statement... http://www.dailybulletin.com/social-affairs/20131224/with-trayvon-martin-this-nativity-gets-edgy-update
  15. Amethyst Jetaime wrote: LL did not like not getting their 10L for uploads. So they broke temporary textures. There is another option though called Local Textures which connects a texture on your hard drive directly to SL without uploading it. There is no charge for this as the texture only exists you your computer until you upload it. rather: LL never supported temp textures so there was nothing to break. It was an unsupported hack abusing a hole in the server software that was closed as a side effect of the introduction of server side baking, aka project sunshine.
  16. Pussycat Catnap wrote: Facelight, other people might not find yours as awesome as you think: If you don't want to be that person - make sure you get one you can edit, or make it yourself, and cut it back, tone it down. The above is what others around you who have 'advanced lighting' / windlight on might end up seeing if you're not careful - and it can really annoy folks. That's not a bad one, it only has a 10m or so range. Once we start getting into the 100m+ range and coloured, then we're talking (and yes, I've seen those, sometimes even flashing or changing colours like a disco ball).
  17. Graves has some decent men's wear, though from men who've tried it they tell me there are texture issues with some of the clothing layers. Shouldn't affect newer mesh products.
  18. and the answer is (for posterity in case people ever search for this): yes, Linden Homes support land radios.
  19. very handy, puts them all in one place separate from other mail. As I never get real spam on gmail (the account is used only for sl) it's the perfect solution for me
  20. RudolphFarquhar wrote: nuBko1 wrote: what are you taught that the entire class of banned ahahahah what they already have done in 20 people trained from scratch scary to imagine Don't you just hate it when the Moderators make alts and post on here bragging about what they've done! **********Rudi********** he's just a noob, even his name says so
  21. Cole Naire wrote: Romania? Never been. Is that on Zindra? it's in eastern Europe, and a central point from which a lot of nastiness on the internet originates, from viruses to griefers to scams. In many MMOs, Romanians are shunned by the community because they're extremely intolerant overall of anyone who's not Romanian (they tend to hang out in their own Romanian guilds, griefing and otherwise causing trouble for everyone else). AFAIK LL doesn't proactively ban Romanians though, they might of course be more vigilant when trouble around Romanian based accounts is reported. As to SL becoming less tolerant towards new people, not AFAIK. There have always been those who're intolerant of new people, and I've over the years not seen that percentage change much. What has changed is what those intolerant people consider "noobs". Used to be people a few days old who were still in their starter avatars and unable to move without bumping into everything and everyone. Now it's anyone who's less than X months or even years old, irrespective of knowledge or looks. I'm for example seeing the occasional profile reading "if your last name is Resident I won't talk with you because you're a n00b or an alt". But I'm not seeing more of that now than 2 years ago. Overall, the community welcomes newcomers and tries to get them started and happy. As others have said, most likely one or some of your pupils caused trouble and the entire batch of accounts was suspended under suspicion of being all run by the same person. Moderating several regions myself, I'm not seeing an overall increase in the number of people our staff ban or a shift towards younger avatars. Of course there are occasional peaks. For example during the school vacations we tend to have to ban more people than otherwise, usually underage kids who fake age verification to get around the (rl) restriction against minors in A rated sims. while there's a constant trickle of those, during school holidays there's a lot more of them (kids just have more time to be online at those times). Maybe one of your pupils got caught by that, ended up in an A rated sim and got an AR filed against him. LL doesn't take that lightly at all, one of the few reasons they'll take such harsh action.
  22. CoalFelpz wrote: And as for the naked thing, I have no issue with that lmao. Thanks again both of you Rudi was joking. Calledon is a G rated sim Jezebele Dagger is putting a tutorial series together for hosting on the Adult Hub learning center, where nudity is allowed (though not required). First parts afaik are up, but it's still under construction. NCI also has some information, maybe even classes. Check their main location at Kuula.
  23. Janelle Darkstone wrote: Now that might be an interesting roleplay. If I was one of the police I'd run out of handcuffs really quick. sign up for most any rl police job...
  24. Studio09 wrote: For a brief time back in the late '90s I used to read a usenet newsgroup, I think it was misc.survivalism, where quite a few posters would include a sig file that contained lines of trigger words to mess with whatever government agency was capturing all the on-line text. So this kind of surveillance has been going on for quite some time. I guess the issue now is not that they are recording this data but that they are pursuing easier ways to tie it back to real people. Back then the FBI was using the data to crack down on child pornography. That may be why SL is targeted now and why LL will cooperate. Not the best source of "evidence" of such things, a good portion of "survivalists" are clinically paranoid individuals with no proof of their ideas that "the government" is keeping tabs on them at all times. Of course past Snowden they have at least in part been shown correct, but I seriously doubt the majority of them are flagged as more than "harmless nutcase, don't bother reading his emails" in any NSA file
  25. Amethyst Jetaime wrote: jwenting wrote: indeed, and it is well known to happen anywhere such systems are implemented. It's in part (big part?) what killed the old "vote boxes" that sim owners could place (and some still have). Anyone using a vote box still is a fool. They haven't had any effect on traffic for years. The only thing they do is contribute to lag because its just another script running for no reason. Vote boxes stopped working by 2007 shortly after LL stopped paying 'dwell' to venue owners in mid 2006. They are no longer included in the Library either. seems they now go to some external 3rd party service instead, not sure if that one works but you get some URL for "results" if you click one. Most are probably still around for sentimental reasons, just never removed from places that used to have them for years and years and moved a few meters once in a while when the place is redecorated.
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