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  1. For LL the transaction is closed when they transfered the money to PayPal. They have no knowledge or influence on when or even whether PayPal then transfers the money to you...
  2. and in addition to that, the required HUD that needs to be worn at all times for it to work is very large (thus blocks a good part of your screen) and highly unintuitive. OC or DEM are excellent choices. OC free, DEM isn't but has better performant scripts (and lower script count, which is still relevant if only because a lot of sim owners are uninformed and still think the number of scripts an avatar wears is a direct measure of server impact, never realising that their own overscripted stuff with its high res textures causes the real problems).
  3. go to the region, if there's a snaky arrow icon in the region properties tray (where no rez, etc. are shown) with a red stop sign overlaid, pathfinding it turned off. This however shouldn't be the case as it was turned on when first introduced on all regions, so if you've had it since before say 2012 and never turned it off it should be on. http://www.virtualkennelclub.com/faq/tips-preparingforpathfinding here's a link to another SL pet creator who use pathfinding with detailed instructions as well as further links to the official pages LL maintains about pathfinding.
  4. The area around the attachment point will not typically have a single solid colour, but a gradient texture... So there's really no way to do what you're probably trying to do, automatically make some attachment blend with the area it's attached to.
  5. BilliJo Aldrin wrote: I was at a new club one time (not even open yet) visiting my friend that was training to be a dancer, so to pass the time i asked if i could use a pole. The owner said no, not untill we verify you. I said "how, live webcam shot of my **bleep**?". He said "no, we voice verify". I was annoyed so i said... "hold on one sec, i'll get my wife". You never seen anyone kicked and banned from a club as fast as he did me. LOLZ, epic. And shows the real value of "voice verified girls"... Utter and complete nonsense. Anyway, you're your avatar, I couldn't care less what you look like behind the keyboard, and whether you're human, canine, feline, a robot, or whatever. What's next, "blood verified vampires"?
  6. Ariel Vuissent wrote: Frankly, I've never actually encountered this issue, myself. Interesting how prevelent it is on the forums, when so many of us have never seen it inworld... Being a moderator in a group of A rated regions, I have had to deal with it a few times in the last several years, and have reports from other moderators to the extent that it happens rarely but regularly. Far more frequent are children (sometimes as young as 7 or 8?) bypassing the age verification system (i.e. putting in an incorrect date) and ending up in our regions, usually bragging about what they did, which leads to an instant ban and getting them reported to LL for disposal. THAT happens several times a day during weekends and school holidays, and I'm sure we don't get all of them.
  7. well, it might show some uninformed forum operators that ip bans are ineffective in that you're not banning a specific person and worse you're potentially banning a lot of people who could have become paying customers of your company if you'd only not banned someone using the same IP address earlier. Sadly a lot of punters on the internet still think IP bans are the universal and perfect solution to any and all trouble an internet based service can have (and that includes a lot of SL denizens who think that if only they had an IP tracker on their sim they could detect alts and ban them, something LL doesn't allow for that same very good reason, it doesn't work and has a lot of potential negative consequences).
  8. copybotters can to some extend copy things your avatar is wearing, skin, clothes, shape, etc. but that's as far as it goes (and yes, I've seen someone pop into a region and 10 seconds later be wearing the custom shape and skin and the unreleased mesh clothing of a friend who was standing there).
  9. do you maybe need to increase your tier level before you can own the amount of land you'd end up with if you win the auction?
  10. Drake1 Nightfire wrote: I think what you are objecting to is the "anime" look. So long as they do not claim to be a child, there is no harm, no foul. According to LL child avs can be on adult land, just not in proximity of adult poseballs. nice in theory. in reality it doesn't work. If you've anything A rated on the sim, the risk of allowing child avatars there is just not worth it. We've had incidents where child avatars (and I'm talking toddlers with pacifiers, diapers, and baby talkers) entered the sim, posted in front of an adboard showing something A rated (like a photo of a naked person, which isn't allowed near child avatars either), and then filed an AR against our sim owner for catering to pedophiles. Since that we ban all child avatars, after giving them a single warning to change their looks and behaviour to be adult. Most never comply with that warning, showing that they are there as child avatars just to cause trouble, on purpose.
  11. Gina Chrome wrote: I am going to weigh in on this even though I normally do not entertain this type of discussion. As an adult sim owner, the child looking avatars have gotten out of hand. It honestly has nothing to do with the height of the avatar nor the hidious Lola tangos and the stupid Phat asses. uh, people are now getting banned from places for being "child avatars" when they don't have overinflated Lolas and Phatazzes... Experienced it myself at a few place, and I'm a manager at a large adult sim and know quite well what LL means by child avatars, and being normal sized human isn't it. Yes, there's some increase in true child avatars, but it appears to be seasonal, linked to the school vacations in certain countries.
  12. Drake1 Nightfire wrote: It's the "do it for me" generation. Just like all of the "Hey can anyone 'lend' me 200L till Friday so I can pay my rent" posts in groups. At least this young lady has her own home and doesn't demand money or clothing, she just wants to be treated well. Which I applaud. yup, the entitlement generation.
  13. would get very quiet if a lot of people start running around wearing adfarms. Which is what you're suggesting, a way to get around the ban on adfarms by having avatars pop in on regions wearing tons of advertising as clothing and attachments. Which will lead to a flood of ARs and simowners en masse deciding to ban all such activity. And rightly so.
  14. imo mesh boobs and butts aren't worth it. You can get a nice looking shape without them, in fact without them you're likely to look more natural, and have no trouble getting your skin and clothes to match up... Skins? I've been using Hush for the last year almost, haven't regretted it. Wow skins also seems nice. Most others have on my computer a sickly yellow/orange cast over them, might be my graphics (on my laptop I see it far less). Hair? Catwa, Exxess, and Magika are my favourites.
  15. Alwin Alcott wrote: i think LL gets payed for letting the advertisement stand here for several hours quite strange, because on the grid they like to keep the adult content behind locked doors, while they here seem to offer a platform promoting it for every minor that can read the forums ah, more conspiracy theories... Ever considered those spam posts tend to appear while it's sleepy time in California, where the Lindens live? Thus during the hours that Linden support is closed for business? Would be nice if they had 24/7 support and moderation, but they don't. It's expensive to open offices abroad just to keep an eye on the forums constantly.
  16. Lindens use alts, but their alts will never contact you and claim to be Lindens. When and if official contact is needed they'll do that AS Lindens...
  17. sometimes places disappear at a moment's notice. Quite possible that's what you got. Heck, I've had a few places disappear out from under me while I was there... The destination guide is regularly checked and updated, I don't know the exact interval though. Might be once every few days.
  18. or "can not enter banned parcel or region". Though that I think is what you get if someone set something to group access and you're not in the group.
  19. guessing here: region running on another physical server and the clocks are slightly off.
  20. Cella Core wrote: My biggest issue is you CANNOT change it I have had a severe brain truama and I cannot remember some things i did 4 or 5 years ago let alone an answer i may have written.. there should be some way we can update our information including security questions and answers if it could be easily changed a cracker who stole your account can change it. As is, it's a way to help verify that you're the legitimate account owner in order to get it back.
  21. any time some random fool says something "is so simple to do" when it comes to computer software I know they've no clue what they're talking about.
  22. I much prefer to set my land to my own group, and control rez rights that way. And any decent rental agency would allow that for private estates, where they remain estate manager and can always revert it if I leave the parcel (that estate agent would then also return anything I rezzed there). An estate manager who doesn't do that for his new tenants is not one you want to rent from.
  23. most contests have rules about minimum number of people entering, and close the boards some time before the timer ends. The second is to prevent people like OP from popping in at the last minute with an army of alts and "winning" the contest that way, then repeating that at other clubs all night long. Before contests were closed to entries at semi-random times bot armies like that could rake in tens of thousands of L$ in a single evening.
  24. keep wondering why some people want so desperately to force their presence onto other people who clearly don't like them... Or are they just out to grief those who don't like them?
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