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  1. Just now, Bridge McMahon said:

    What would have prompted this ruling and seems there will be a lot less revenue for Linden's from the sales, resales and events so it must be a good one. 

    gachas are gambling, just as are lootboxes in mobile games.
    That's illegal according to the law of several countries LL operates in, and seriously frowned upon in many others.

    What surprises me is how it took them so long. Maybe they finally got a cease and desist letter from the EU.

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  2. What about not caring one way or another what skin colour someone else is and treating everyone as human beings?

    Makes life a lot more enjoyable.

    I've black and caucasian avatars, male and female, human, drow, animals, robots, I'm still me under the hood.

    SL allows me all that, and to have friends from all over the planet. Why should I limit myself to interacting only with people who're the same as me? Why should you?

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  3. - avatar nudity is definitely allowed in M rated regions.

    - nude photos (imported porn pictures for example) are NOT allowed, screenshots are

    - sex is not allowed if the parcel is accessible to the public or the activity can be seen from outside the parcel (so set the appropriate checkbox off so others can't see you, and set the parcel to group access only or invite only).

    - you need to keep your Linden house in theme for the region, no putting up "privacy walls" and other disruptive and ugly structures. A few potted plants on the porch are ok.

  4. And of course he doesn't take into account that larger land owners possibly/likely already were getting discounted prices simply as a bulk discount.

    No clue what the discount would be, but a 10% discount for someone owning 100 full regions or 250 homesteads (for example) isn't something that in a normal business would be out of the ordinary.

    As to smaller estate agents, I've had my full of their shenanigans. Even if they're reliable in paying LL, they often end up making life a pain for their customers.
    More than once was I bullied off of my home parcel by a landlord/lady who wanted to raise prices and simply made life miserable for existing renters so they'd leave.

  5. A Linden Home exists on a 512 sq.m. parcel. That does not mean the house itself is 512 sq.m., as that size includes the terrace, and possibly other landscaping on the parcel.

    If you choose to not get a Linden Home, you can use your 512 allotment to cover the rent of a mainland parcel somewhere else (buy a mainland parcel, and it won't count towards your land budget), BUT you will not then get the benefits of having a house on that parcel that does not count towards your prim limit.

  6. All over SL you see people retreating to their private skyboxes, and those same people then moan in group chat and forums that there's nobody around in the public places...

    And that's not just sex places, it's almost everything.

    Combine that with the income from donations having hit rock bottom, with more and more people expecting to get everything for free (the entitlement culture meeting up with economic hard times) and it gets more expensive for sim owners to stay in business at the same time traffic levels are down.

    This has been an ongoing process for years now btw. New places do get started, but you need to search for them.

  7. Ariel Vuissent wrote:


    They aren't even violating the ageplay regulations, to your knowledge. Not the SL ageplay policy, anyway, which states that an avatar depicting a child may not engage in sexual roleplay or be near adult poseballs or content. As this is a general region, there should BE no adult poseballs; and you state that this avatar is, in fact, not depicting a minor but is clearly an adult. It may be a gray area, but unless you have proof of actual wrong-doing, your abuse report, should you file one, will likely be ignored. .

    indeed. And as it's his/her region if there were sexballs/furniture there (s)he, as the estate owner, would be the one in violation and subject to having the region closed...

  8. Vista are IMO the best complete AOs.

    Another store you might want to look at is Gaeline. They have both complete AOs and separate animations (and I think sets as well) to mix and match.

  9. HarrisonMcKenzie wrote:

    No. Do you want to know why I won't buy you an avatar? I won't buy you an avatar because you aren't trying.

    And because, once you start buying stuff for one random person, where do you stop? If I spend 900L$ on every avatar who asks/begs for money somewhere in a group, forum, ims, local chat, where ever, it rapidly gets very expensive...

  10. threatening to kill yourself if you don't get what you want always seems so counter productive to me.

    If the target of the blackmail doesn't comply, you kill yourself and their problem goes away after all...


    Of course most such persons never follow through on their threats to kill themselves, and this being the internet you'd never know if they did or not anyway.

    Even if they disappear from sl and you never see them again, that most likely just means they created a new account...


    Mute them, maybe file an AR (blackmail is a TOS violation after all), if you own land put them on the banlist, and that's it

  11. you can create accounts for them and have the home point set in your region.

    Most viewers can be configured to log in to the home point, which would bring the avatars in world at that spot.

    But unless, as stated, the accounts and region are set up specifically as such by Linden Lab, they will be able to go anywhere they want after that.

  12. seen a "think like Britney" device or something like that for sale in a few places, I think one is near the Restrained Freedom store, that intercepts what you say in local chat and retransmits it transformed into bimbo speech (with several selectable levels of 'bimboness' I think).

  13. SL has >25000 regions.

    SL has roughly 35-65000 people logged in at any one time.

    About half those will not leave their private residences while logged in, which make up something like 10% of regions.

    Ergo there's about 25000 people at any time in public regions. So that's just over 1 on average per public region.


    Problem isn't so much too few people as too much land. But remember that land sales are what pays the bills :)

  14. Perrie Juran wrote:

    We do know Lindens log in to the Forum but as said, never answer.

    Our guess is that the Governance team is shorthanded unless they are just being slack on the job.  Also they probably triage reports.  It can be frustrating for us but some issues really are more important than others.

    Oh, and my name is Perrie, not Pierre. 

    far more likely they, like many companies, have a policy to not comment publicly on their forums.

    Any Linden who showed his face here unless incognito would be bombarded with PMs demanding this, requesting that, and complaining about whatever.

    If he took the time to answer all of them he's have no time to do his real job, and even if he did people'd complain about it anyway.

    My guess is they read the forums, at least those things brought to their attention by moderators and maybe other trusted sources. And they may well respond, but on a personal basis, incognito.

  15. When I owned a coastal mainland parcel (I gave it up because new neighbours placed 100m tall "privace screens" of plain plywood on one end, new neighbours on two other sides built up platforms over the water to the sim edge, then put up banlines, leaving me with only a narrow strip of unobstructed view and access to sailing water) I didn't put up banlines.

    I put in a security orb that was set to ban only specific blacklisted people, and put a 5 minute autoreturn on objects rezzed outside the land group so people could pass through, even rez their boat there as a starting point for their trips.

    It's easy to be a good neighbour and citizen, sadly way too many people don't want to bother even trying.

    And it's extending to RL as well. I'm seeing 3-4m tall steel fences with quarter inch bars and padlocked gates going up around gardens here where prior there was only a decorative knee high fence...


    And most of the responses I've had from people when I ask them to please allow sailors to pass through their parcels were rather rude. Some were kind, some even opened up their lands for transit traffic, but mostly those were other sailors...
    The general attitude is "I want total privacy and don't want anyone here, ever". Which makes you wonder why they are in sl at all if all they do is sit alone in their houses never interacting with people (except of course complain on the forums and in group chats about how dead sl is, how there's never anyone outside their private homes...).

  16. yes, main reasons are:

    1) people'd complain about how bad it is because technology has moved on (think what you'd think if a store were still selling 2005 style system hair...)

    2) ditto because the creator's skill has greatly improved

    3) limited floorspace in the shop. If you've room for 20 items to sell, and aren't selling enough to warrant getting a bigger parcel, you want to offer the 20 best items you have (best selling, but that's likely to be the highest quality as well).

    Some creators will leave stuff up on the marketplace for a while that's been retired from in world shops, sometimes under an alt account. Others may no longer offer it in their main store but have affiliate vendors that still have it out there (afaik Magika doesn't do that).

    But yes, contact them. They may be happy to help you.

  17. "you need to provide the same ID you used to open that bank account."

    Let's hope then I'll never be asked for that, as my bank account was created for me by my mother (who since died) when I was about 4 years old. As it was a small local bank, no ID was needed as everyone knew everyone else in the village (and of course I at that age didn't even have a passport, let alone a driver's license).

  18. only way gatchas might be affected is if the value of the items they give out is not constant (iow you pay 50L$, and get either something that sells normally for 20, 50, or 100 L$).

    And a gatcha that did that would not fall under the skill gaming policy but under the far older wagering and gambling policy, making it a TOS violation to have one at all.

  19. I've more than once flagged items as "not as advertised". Mostly that's things that show  up in a search that have categories or descriptions listed that are clearly wrong.

    Think male skins listed as female skins, advertisements for land listed as landscaping items, things like that.

    No need to buy those, they're clearly either deliberately or mistakenly incorrectly listed.

  20. third one may also be just a fan putting up a souvenir of a concert he went to. Not much different from people collecting old movie posters :)

    First one, well I'd consider that promoting terrorism (as that organisation is a group of murderous pirates acting under the guise of being an environmental group, they sink fishing vessels after killing the crew and looting any valuables) and might well be actionable as such.

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